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  • xtj756666 xtj756666 Jan 20, 2013 7:51 PM Flag

    Augme Analysts Estimate $47M for next year

    Seems like someone likes only to use numbers when it helps their argument. I wonder why?

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    • I see on yahoo it has 47. I have no idea how they get that, could it be dated? I do know that Bloomberg is updated real time. It's 40 mln for Ttm ended nov 2013 and 43 ended feb 2014. For cy, nov is closer than feb to dec, so street norm is to use nov, not feb. yahoo still off 4 mln from Bloomberg. Trust me, Bloomberg is right, and I can see the analyst estimates underlying it.

      Please stop your craziness. I'm not trying to slant the argument. I may have been wrong on HC valuation but that was honest mistake. Everything else I believe has been backed by facts

      Why not, instead of trying to discredit me, prove you know what this company does. The key part of my previous post wasn't what 3x rev is. It's the fact mm isn't a comp. attack that, prove that wrong. If you want to have real convo. If not, then by all means attack me if it helps you feel good

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      • Not hard to figure out where the 47M for next year comes from. They have said they will average 15% growth quarter over quarter going forward. They did roughly $7.5M in the third quarter(20% growth) and with roughly 15% growth that puts then around $9M for Q4. Figure thats roughly $1.5M growth per quarter so lets say $10.5+12+13.5+15=$51M for next year.

        You make a good point on that MM and Augme are not in the same mobile space. Personally I believe Augme's level of engagement is of much more value to advertisers than what MM brings to the table. Sales may take a while to really explode but advertisers are going to put their money with companies that give them the best returns and that is exactly what Augme's network does.

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      • Aurin, thanks for responding to my questions. Respect the work you put in. Can't for the life of me figure out your vested interest though. I'm a long suffering long. Invested when the story was young. There's really not much downside left and you don't sound long. What put Augt on your radar. Clearly you have put in time to educate yourself about the company. Although I completely respect your privacy, I would love to know what your interest in AUGT is. My best.

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