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  • itsahorserace itsahorserace Jan 20, 2013 10:05 PM Flag

    Augme Analysts Estimate $47M for next year

    Jason, I almost feel like I know you I've been following this board for so long. Know your a dedicated long and believe in the story. I got in when they were Modavox, think you got in before me when they were Surfnet, correct me if I'm mistaken. Always enjoyed reading your posts. Aurin interests me. As I said there is no money in the downside and he doesn't seem to be long. Smart guy. Just curious what his interest is here. I think the exchanges involving aurin have been very informative. Lot's of facts instead of name calling. Frankly, I was planning on joining you guys in the islands some day, but would like it to be sooner that later. Considering I'm a new poster too, no offense taken.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • horse, no clue if what you are saying is true. It's too coincidental that just when superman shows up with x-ray vision on Augme, spending hours digging up some facts (most if not all of which have already been debated on this board), and some falsehoods, that you appear and start fawning all over him. Why are your posts close to aurin's in timing? You decide to start posting and responding just because aurin "intrigues you"? Right.

      Even he doesn't know why he's here, just as he has multiple ID's, he has multiple stories. Why would a guy of his "stature" waste his time on this board when he's not long, and he's not short? Right. He has a purpose. He's not saving us from ourselves, he's promoting an outcome for his benefit. Fine. If he hates liars, then he hates himself since he is lying about why he's here.

      I'm a long. I have lots of shares. I like the stock. I post positive things. Sometimes I complain about things the company does, or doesn't do. But, there is no mystery as to why I am here.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If you knew who aurin really was, you wouldn't be so interested. You'd see his comments for what they are because of a personal agenda. Don't hold your breath on an answer, he shouldn't even be posting on public message boards to begin with. Remember his own words he posted earlier " Wow, yikes...I was wrong again" So far there is about half a dozen false statements he's made in recent posts. Remember he showed up here while cyber stalking the poster aurin res. This is not a person of high standing morals or ethics. We'll see what regulators think of his actions when notified.