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  • aurin_res_sucks aurin_res_sucks Jan 20, 2013 10:45 PM Flag

    Liarandcheater...and scaredshytlesstoo it would seem

    I have so many great ways to open this I can't decide on one. Who pray tell do you think I am?? I would love to hear it my friend. I've heard of delusions of grandeur. But about oneself. Not about someone you meet on a chat board. Are you unstable? Do you love/hate me? Should my digital self hire a digital bodyguard? Are you checking this chatroom during the juice break at the nuthouse?

    C'mon dude, tell the world who I am. You even come close to my nationality and I'll leave this board. There are no reasons except 90% of people here are a waste of time I can't be posting. But what gets me to come back is I hate to see you guys try to rip off retail money so I at least want to fight to be fair. Oh maybe that's it? When I said I had a batman complex? Do you really think I'm Bruce Wayne?

    You scare me my friend. And I don't mean that jokingly. You seem unbalanced. Do you wear all white sneakers and too short khakis? Do you wear shot sleeve dress shirts and live with your mother? Am I close

    Anyway, all my mistakes are genuine. And actually are two. One, I missed HC earn out. Two, I misread adenyo takeout price. The adeyno mistake actually was in augt bulls favor. Ie adeyno now down 80% vs 60% from 18 months ago. Thats worse for augt. The hc one somewhat a mixed bag. Yes, if its still relevant to todays value, they paid 70 mln not 45 for them. Of course, based on stock price today, isnt market actually saying hc was too expensive at 70 mln, considering thats greater than all augt value at last sale? So at least one could say that besides everything else, at least the company had t actually destroyed shareholder value.

    True, i am not perfect (that's why they call me the dark knight). But I will be charitable and say that I am flattered (and still scared of you) you obviously believe by my posts I am someone who Knows a lot about this company/industry.

    By pointing this out to everyone, haven't you conceded they should be listening to me?

    Ps. Mobileguru. I still need your 5x rev justification. Thanks

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