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  • bob_bob6709 bob_bob6709 Feb 11, 2013 9:20 PM Flag


    With the AOL settlement and Yahoo loss etc, I am not sure that the IP value has been squeezed out yet because AUGT (HC) is trading around 2 times sales. Velt and MM are 1 times. So AUGT simply valued looks as if it is over priced. I could understand the higher valuation if HC were growing quicker han the competition, but its not. So the only reason for the excess in valuation I see is the IP (core). You can argue that acquisitions in past were valued at X times sales. That was then and this is now. The take- over valuation (if it ever comes) is only applicable at the time of the takeover. It may never happen.
    So I think if/when further IP settlements come in at fire sale prices AUGT is in for a price adjustment, and my guess is that it wont be to the upside. On the other hand if a real major setllement or win happens (much less likely) AUGT may pop back to $.98
    I am open to a discussion and would appreciate comments.

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