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  • hfb46 hfb46 Feb 13, 2013 5:37 PM Flag

    To "Dude" and "Cnoevil"

    I read with interest your speculative comments about the possibility of Robbee or IB being appointed CEO. Just for the sake of discussion I wonder how that would be received. Hussey has definitely been a disappointment in terms of communication. He is not at all in tune with the psychology of the shareholder base. Several of us have opined that that is his main shortcoming and especially at a time when we are holding on by our fingernails. I think he is a good "bean counter", but a good CEO has to have the "human element" as well.

    He has accomplished some positive steps in cutting costs and focusing our attention on building the business of Hipcricket. But the more I think about it.... maybe it is time for a new face. The problem is it might be perceived by some as a desperate move and that the company is "grasping at straws". If such a move were to occur, the PR would have to be written very carefully, and this company has not been good at doing that either. Oh well, just speculation anyway...on a lousy day at the auction.

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    • As you say, this is just speculation.. My frustrations are focused around the "human element" that seems to be missing. RH has done a great job cutting costs but does not seem to be too concerned with our share price- leaving us as sitting ducks here. At this point, as bad as things have gotten, I would rather see more PRs and the type of confidence exuded by Paul Arena then this cautious quiet that we have been getting. I am worried that RH is working on a low buyout before his term here is up so that he can get a nice percentage on that deal. I wish there were more incentives in his contract for increasing revenues and adding customer accounts, as opposed to the focus on a buyout.

      I do not know if IB or Robbee would be the best choices for CEO, however both have more relevant experience in the tech world that just might make it easier for them to speak publicly about the company and its potential - perhaps this is something Robert Hussey, being a "numbers guy", simply is not comfortable doing.

      Having someone like IB or Robbee as the face of the company would lend more credibility to the notion that Augme is a real player in the mobile ad/marketing space, not simply being up for purchase! I believe that Ivan has been impressive, his being with Hipcricket from the onset makes him a reasonable choice as ceo of the company that is now being driven by HC.

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    • I would be extremely disappointed to see Hussey go. Hussey reported that AUGT was negotiating a settlement with AOL on 1/30/13. It was out there; why was anyone surprised? While he was yapping at the CC, at least this settlement was running through his mind.

      I would be extremely unhappy to see the individual from MSFT as CEO. Maybe more research into her background will convince me she has value. For now, I wonder why she left a fine position in Australia to get back home. Nor, do I think Braiker is the right fit.

      If AUGT reaches cash flow breakeven, a good deal of the credit goes to Hussey. If AUGT reaches profitablility in CY 2014, a good deal of the credit goes to Hussey. If AUGT gets to 2014 period, it will be because of Hussey

      I thought Hussey was going to be a mediocrity but he isn't. He's a hard-nose businessman with focus. He is doing what needs to be done. He's cutting costs to get to breakeven; he's placing the emphasis on mobile advertising while waiting for mobile marketing; he's building a sales force; etc. I realize he is doing this with the help of Braiker.

      He inherited the miserable job of cleaning out the toilet that PA left. He's done a quality job. He's turning AUGT from a company that had a "puncher's chance" into one that is an athlete capable of bludgeoning an opponent with current patents.

      There are some that speculated in AUGT with the hope of a puncher's chance. I'm not one of them. I believe in the business with patents that are meant to defend the business.

      Now let's look at the 2 appeals before the CAFC. One appeal is to reverse a judgement that YHOO did not infringe on AUGT's patents. The second is an appeal of the judgement that AUGT infringed on YHOO's '320 patent. The second was an agreement by both parties so I look at is as a legal maneuver but it is still a judgement. At any rate, all other actions are stayed--including the June 2013 court case against AUGT--until the appeals are decided. Is anyone feeling lucky? Is anyone so sure that both appeals with break AUGT's way? Should AUGT go for broke?

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      • Oink...I totally agree with you on RH. some here think changing CEOs is like an underwear. The man just took the freaking job on a mutiny and already made tremendous improvements that yet will show itself in the numbers. Personally, I like the man. He is sticking to the plan and the "price" will eventually show it. This price movement is typical of the post secondary action with all the manipulations that goes with it. Give the man a chance....changing so many CEOs is worse then having a bad one at the helm.

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      • Dear Oink,
        Good post. Made me laugh and was accurate to my thinking at the same time. Hussey had to cut. He's got to get us to profitability. Then we have a future. Everyone hates those who must make hard cuts. What's new. Losing AOL makes me sad but if we dilute again we may be finished.
        Also, the GEOS patents are only spoken of in terms of their stated book value. Aren't, most things worth more than their book value? Why not these patents? My best.

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      • oink, why do you feel Ivan Braiker would not be the right fit if Hussey were to go? The focus is now on HC and he ran HC at cash flow BE for all intents and purposes at a much lower revenue base. Hussey has cut costs as he was brought in to do. Maybe now would be the time to let IB, who knows how to run the core biz profitably, take the reigns. I'm reading from most recent to oldest posts, so why are we even speculating about a CEO change anyway?