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  • goneskiing43 goneskiing43 Feb 26, 2013 6:24 PM Flag

    Name change - what would be the cost to effort that?

    Any previous management gurus out there with a potential cost estimate to change the name and stock symbol of the company? I'm sure that is something now with new management in place will probably be discussed - but what would would the financial implications be? I think that would be seen as a positive and a way to erase some memories.

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    • The cost to change a ticker symbol is only around $2,500. Then there are state and incorporation fees of a few hundred more.

      There are ancillary charges like business cards, letterhead, website, etc.

      All in all, not horrible. Generally name changes are not perceived as positive, but I'm with you here-a change is needed.

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      • Thanks for the replies...sounds like not a big lift to change the name and stock symbol - we all have web design experts at our own place of businesses so no extra cost there....different subject...I think it will be nice to finally have a CEO who gives a good conference call and genuinely seems excited to be there - unlike PA/HB who sounded like they were receiving an enema while trying to give a CC. IB will at least be transparent and willing share the strategic vision. I also believe he will be quick to give an update to shareholders soon after this Q ends... We are owed that much…air it all out and continue to progress. It is his company now..which I believe is what we all wanted.

    • ski, it's probably not so much the administrative cost as it would be the costs to change the website, literature, business cards, etc. In either case, like you, I believe that Augme badly needs an image makeover. Whatever the cost, it would be well worth it. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes...

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