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  • itsframergreg itsframergreg Feb 28, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

    giddy for a .10 rise after losing almost all of it

    while as a trader thanks for the bump. but be real here. this game is far from over. HC is saving AUGT butt, plain and simple. those that promoted the stock on the ip front really screwed the pooch for a lot of folks. then they pretend its all bashers . ya right it has noting to do with the fact that the company was a ip troll. tyhe street belives this or the price wouldnt be where its at . oh how some here change their position to suit their needs and get patted on the back for being right , now that is a travesty.

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    • Greg, the price is where it's at because the street believes that we cannot monetize the patents, that it is too much money for us to handle. and they are right. but the street LOVES hipcricket. so, what we need is a npe deal to take off our books and let some well capitalized experts to pick up the ball and split the profits with us. At this point hipcricket is free from the financial anchor of the cost of trying to monetize the IP. then hipcricket can reinvest in itself, and investors will absolutely love this.. hipcricket speaks for itself and you know that it is a phenomenal company.. we need a npe deal and I believe Ivan knows this very well and is doing all he can. It's in his interest to get a deal.

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    • Always enjoy your posts.

    • Good point, the so called bashers in the, not one of them ever promised anything to anyone that did not distract, misinformed, or made outlandish claims to better themselves or anyone, they are just out there warning those who would listen. We know now how these FALSE PROPHETS feel when they are exposed by the truth as they have so called "IGGY" us in return. Facts can be covered but never denied!!!