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  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Mar 15, 2013 1:29 PM Flag

    Oh Oh...its gonna go ballistic soon!

    As I have always said...just as easily it came down it will go up with the same furry. IB is hitting the street and delivering the message in person. Cash drain days are over and profitability....well we can all taste it!...wink wink look at the short covering that is about to take place. I had to chase it this morning to get more.

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    • Siri....Back in December......I was so tempted to sell blocks of my position, starting with the priciest of course and then buying them back. About four or five transactions would have given me a nice loss of about 400K and I would own over six times the number of shares I currently own. I just didn't have the balls with all the rumours circulating on the board especially from the people I respect. I think we will see at least a buck by this time next week. Afterall, the Velt money and MM money must be going somewhere and despite the share price, fundamentally HC looks the best. I also believe IB will be landing some campaigns that will keep us healthy for the foreseeable future. That 76% is really stuck in my head. And IB knows how to sell to the large clients in a way that will make sense to them. So, I rounded off today with320K at a basis of 1.63. Hindsight is always 20/20, but, I'm content here. What are your thoughts on short term catalysts and SP appreciation? Thx. Mick.

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      • mick....hindsight is indeed 20/20 and if both us had the gift we would be billionaires! So the reality remains that we have to play the game with what we have....knowledge, logic, and patience. The fact is that today's price is not the current par valuation of this company. As it is typically in volatile OTC stocks prices swing to the extremes on both down side and up side. That is part of the game. We don't know how far either way or otherwise we would be billionaires right? Unfortunately mick I don't really focus on short term investment in this and other stocks that I have a small fortune in is always based on the economy, industry, sector, and fundamental of the specific stocks in that mix. Based on that I can tell you that I am 200% assured in my investment in Augme to be extremely rewarding even without the IP frosting.

        However, in the short term, I would guess that IB will make the direction of HC clear to the street via these conferences. As Jason has eluded to we need new investors to take the void of the IP hopefuls that left. As you can see today the message is being received very well by the street. Monday is the most important conference with Roth and I suspect that we will continue to see the price appreciation continue. IMO, we will be settling with MM and Velti soon so that will give additional reassurances that cash bleeding is slowing down and BE is at hand. From some of the comments that Worst posted today I get a sense that street is really worried about another dilution. So if IB can prove that we will hit BE on schedule and without additional infusion of cash then the share price will start pricing the valuation of HC core rather then fear of dilution. That is my opinion of "short term catalyst". I believe the in the industry and I believe in the sector that we are will be rewarded handsomely in 3 years. A life changer.

    • it`ll be great to see over a buck again!