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  • mobileguru20000 mobileguru20000 Mar 26, 2013 9:20 AM Flag

    Hipcricket Begins Delivering Exclusive Experiences to Brands and Agencies Through Contextually Relevant Popular Games


    Hipcricket Begins Delivering Exclusive Experiences to Brands and Agencies Through Contextually Relevant Popular Games

    Innovative Partnership With Grantoo Brings Brands, Games and Social Media Together
    MarketwirePress Release: Hipcricket, Inc. – 1 hour 18 minutes ago...

    NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Mar 26, 2013) - Hipcricket®, Inc. ("Hipcricket"), the one-stop mobile advertising and marketing company and subsidiary of Augme® Technologies, Inc. ( OTCQB : AUGT ) (or "Augme"), today announced that it has begun delivering exclusive sponsorship packages to brands and agencies through contextually relevant popular mobile games. Through an innovative partnership with Grantoo, brands, gamers and social media are brought together to drive consumer engagement and opportunities for Hipcricket clients to monetize.

    Grantoo is a social gaming platform where mobile users play games and challenge their friends via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail, all for free. It integrates with top mobile games such as iBasket, which has over 15 million downloads. Grantoo incorporates viral and social features through innovative multiplayer and tournament technology. Grantoo is a Yetizen company with direct access to over seven-thousand mobile app game developers and hundreds of millions of game downloads around the world.

    Through sponsored competition that can include branded welcome pages, player leaderboards standard ad units and custom integration, brands can have total brand ownership and incorporate their philanthropic efforts in the program. Everything is powered by Hipcricket's mobile intelligence engine within the AD LIFE® platform with industry-leading real time applied analytics to ensure maximum gamer/brand engagement and campaign ROI.

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    • This will add to Hipcricket's industry leading targeting capabilities by enabling brands to continue dialogue and engage with consumers by leveraging sophisticated targeting in mobile games. Measurement of these programs come via coupon redemption, opt-ins, time spent within games, video completed views and more.

      "This exclusive partnership with Grantoo allows us to bring a unique in game sponsorship offering to our advertisers," said Doug Stovall, Hipcricket Executive Vice President -- Sales and Services. "Hipcricket is responding to our clients' needs by offering opportunities to get closer to the customer by leveraging mobile intelligence garnered through the AD LIFE® platform and partners like Grantoo."

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      • I'd rather see "the dots" that explain the $9.7 ml in new bookings. And what they are doing with Ford, Nabisco, et al. Those "dots", which would be meaningful, they won't share. I'm not the first here to be critical of these nothing PR's.

        Today's PR does not reflect anything new on their part and is the same old hat that they have always chosen to showcase to no good effect as I noted in my first reply. So there is nothing to be "applauded" here. It's actually counter-productive as it leads the investment world to believe there is nothing of any substance really going on when they are so quick to share these non-events.

        Again, if they can't release a PR that involves substantial news they are best served to not release anything at all. And also again, the historic response to these fluff PR's indicates that to be true.

        We are all involved in what has become a tiresome and protracted waiting game with this issue. Most here have resigned themselves to continue the wait in the hopes of the eventual payoff. I am also in that camp but releases like today, and those of a similar bent in the past, considering all that we have gone through with this company, I frankly find to be insulting.

      • Mic.... you can't please everyone can you? When we had no pr than some complain that nothing being done since we don't hear anything. Now it's the opposite! This releases are not necessarily to move the stock at moment but to show you the " dots" the company is making that will move the stock in the future. I for one really appreciate it and have commented to IB to open their doors more for more transparency. The release today shows that they are making right moves in the social sphare to open up yet another revenue path going forward. These are positive developments that separates them more from the competition. Not everything will the stock unless it has immediate impact on revenue or expanse.

      • Quit pumping. Nobody wants to buy your overpriced shares that are at risk of splitting into oblivion. BTW when is the next round of dilution?

      • Mics, I hear you when you say the press releases drive the price down. I know its crazy. 1 day it's going to all come to fruition when people realize this is an unbelievable company and it will skyrocket which will make up for the little bumps we should have had

      • Has this company ever issued a press release that moved the stock price anywhere but down? They do themselves more harm than good with these releases. Why their new PR team hasn't advised them of this given the obvious past history is baffling.