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  • gsmort3 gsmort3 Apr 2, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    Another great day here for AUGT

    Again it seems the managment of this company is blowing smoke up everybodies #$%$. What a Joke. I can see it Now, " hey Mr Banker, Would you please give us a line of credit? Sorry Augt, We do not lend money to companies that cant get there stock price above $1 much less 40 cents.

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    • I have always doubted that a bank would be the lender. But there are private firms that all they do is A/R IT DOES NOT COME CHEAP but if the A/R is assigned to them as a receivable they will do the deal for about 4% per invoice. (NO THIS IS NOT 4% APR) It is a note discount. I came from an industry that every seller was broke, but they could always do a deal with this type of company.
      I think AUGT needs some good strong advisers.

      Maybe the BOD needs an advisory board? I have done this in the past, works out well.

    • No wonder investors are staying clear. They don't want smoke up their "Ying Yang", seems to me only the pumpers like smoke up theirs. Their minds are so convoluted with it. LOL!!! Hahahahhaha!!