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  • mobileguru20000 mobileguru20000 Apr 5, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

    Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery serves geo-targeted mobile ads to drive in-store traffic

    Nothing Bundt Cakes saw a 55 percent engagement rate for a recent mobile advertising campaign using store locator and click-to-call functionality to drive in-store traffic.

    The ad campaign ran for two weeks prior to four major holidays in 2012 and early 2013. It featured mobile banner ads that sent users to holiday-themed custom landing pages and delivered significant user activity after the initial tap on the ad.

    “Today’s consumers are roamers – they’re constantly on the move jumping in and out of different channels, devices and stores,” said Doug Stovall, executive vice president of sales and services at Hipcricket, New York. “With their attention so fragmented, Nothing Bundt Cakes was facing big challenges in driving traffic in its stores.

    “They are a new brand so it helps them drive awareness in a very new medium – mobile,” he said. “It helps them target the on-the-go and impulse shopper looking to purchase bakery items on their way home, during the day or for whatever special occasion.

    “Plus we found it to be highly effective in driving calls, store lookups and digital sales.”

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    Campaign optimization
    Nothing Bundt Cakes serves 10 flavors of bundt cakes and has multiple locations around the country.

    The merchant worked with Hipcricket, a division of Augme Technologies, and advertising agency Firehouse on the campaign.

    The campaign targeted women aged 25 to 54-years old while they were in close proximity to a Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery location using Hipcricket’s audience, radius and geo-targeting capabilities.

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    • LOL. You better start baking a whole lot of them CoCo cakes to make this go up soon or your A*&^%%S is smoked. Hahahahahha!

      • 1 Reply to longgjsilver
      • LOL, they keep talking about the value of the patents and we all know what they are worth now and its not in the billions!! The pumpers got no choice but to keep pumping all these glowing stories about the space and how fast its growing. All the while the stock sits in the pennies. But next year will be a different story, if not next year then the year after that, if not then the year after that. These pumpers never have any shame. Its heading into the low .30's folks. Pumpers have been totally 100% wrong on each and every relevant point. They have not been right about 1 thing, not 1. The game is over pumpers.

    • I guess we will see a news release or two or three a day then, since we have over 1,000 clients. This was a joke release. How about LOC, IP deals, settlements, cost cutting specifics, new business, projections, and a clear vision.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Granny,
        You made this very point only yesterday and a few of us, me included, agreed with you. You expected to be “bashed” for it, which you were not; but I guess not being “bashed” for it only encouraged you to milk the same subject again!

        Do you really think if they had significant news they would not report it! We all want them to report news on the LOC, IP deals and 6/7 digit new contracts, but right now there may be none. So they put out the PR bit, which at first glance appeared to be fluff, but if you read Mobile’s post above (thank you, Mobile), there is actually some significance to it: 55 percent engagement rate on something as basic as a food product is impressive. I agree the stock needs major positive news and this PR bit creates the impression that they are scrambling to create some momentum, but I would not call this a “joke” release: for someone with a little imagination that 55 percent retention for such a basic product speaks loudly about the future of this type of marketing.

      • Are you not expecting that some of those items will be addressed during the Q4 FY 2013 conference call in about a month?

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