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  • warnbeeb warnbeeb Apr 22, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    Why does anyone even bother anymore?

    I've been watching poor AUGT and haven't posted in a few months...I think. Haven't got anything better to do this morning so I guess I'll weigh in. I see the sunshiners have pretty much given up. Some of the negatores, of which I was/am one, are still around. Not much to crow about here. This company is exactly what it looks like. It makes something. It sells something. They can't make money at it. They can't generate anywhere near enough cash to run on their own. They need cash....again .AUGT exists purely for the folks who work for it. The shareholders are not on the radar screen. As long as staff members and executives can keep getting a paycheck at the shareholders expense, they will. 10 cents coming. 10 cents coming.

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    • This one is getting really ugly! I will just enjoy it with som Lemonaide by the pool and watch my ACAD holdings go up instead. Adios Amigos! Tonto said hello!!! LOL!

    • yes warn, just the constnant drip of chinese water torture..and some pumpers still say they are happy with this stock and will be rich off it, and the imaginary buyout.. and they say if your not happy then you made a stupid decision to buy it and did no DD..they want both sides but the stock tells the tale..down, down, down..