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  • red_the_carney_barker red_the_carney_barker Apr 23, 2013 10:38 AM Flag

    Losing sight of the fundamentals.

    HipCricket just posted record revenues for whats suppose to be the weakest quarter, up 50%YOY, recorded record bookings of $18.4 million... reconfirmed break even is on track for Q2..

    The reason the share price is deteriorating is due to the question of current immediate funding needs.

    Management has said they are working on it. The lack of news is devastating the stock.

    So,...... Worse case is a stock sale. At the current share price it will be very painful, maybe even not doable.

    So, the question is really in focus..... what is HipCricket worth?

    Place your bet...

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    • i agree red.. a stock offering may not be doable, the price is too low for many to chance it and the number of shares would be huge..prob would only get .10 to .15 cents anyway but every dilution has been a loser for buyers so who would try it? they just need to sell the co or merge, they dont know what they are doing..and will prob not hit BE fast enough..

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      • Previously stated, we have reason to believe the company now bankable by traditional financing alternatives. We do not expect any additional equity financings or dilution. Assuming the company is successful at procuring a bank line of credit due to its rapidly approaching cash flow breakeven state, which we believe it will, this could go a long way towards alleviating current pricing pressure and allowing the shares to trade back to a more justifiable and appropriate revenue multiple. HC was acquired for approximately $65 million with a fraction of current clients, pipeline or revenues. For the entire company to now be valued at $38 million while completely excluding any value for the still growing list of patents which will only increase in value as the space evolves and consolidates, can't be rationally justified. It's disparities like this that we find can and often do lead to sizeable percentage returns for speculative investors. Circumstances like this generally lead to a stock appreciating or its value being extracted through strategic alternatives, e.g. a sale.

      • Just, remember all the pumpers hyping the last dilution as the last one until breakeven? Remember them bashing all the posters who disagreed with them? Well, well, well, where are those pumpers now? Looks pretty obvious to me that an additional round of dilution is upcoming. The question is at what price? It will obviously be lower than it is now. IMO as I said previously, this puppy is headed into the .20's or possibly even into the .10's depending on what they price the new shares at. And remember that Serial who keeps saying the price is going to rise soon? Where are they now? All gone, since they have been 100% wrong. They won't appear again, they can't. Too shameful and painful for them. Hey baterm where are you? Where is the price appreciation? Hey ARN, where are u? Is it coming? Is it right around the corner? you folks are total losers.

    • Today 31 cents...........Capisce.........Tommorrow 30 cents.........Next day 29 cents..........Its all about execution....PERIOD.......................ZERO big contracts and zero LOC........Ivan must execute these things SOON..............

    • Its a one trick pony thats why the pps is in the dumps. Who would buy a one trick pony? And a big underachiever at that with hopes gone south.