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  • lopopswz lopopswz Apr 23, 2013 11:37 AM Flag

    thoughts from a new person researching

    looks like a failed patent troll company that is in the midst of a turn around by investing into mobile marketing/advertising, which has mamoth potential. Company won't get noticed untill they settle all old lawsuits or sell patents, per last conference call.

    At that time, they will rename and rebrand the company as hipcricket and it appears there is explosive growth on that side. If you have 12/18 months, I think ther is significant potential. haven't bought yet, still researching and watching.

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    • Will Lopo, I suggest to continue your research and watch activity and not get in. Cause once you get in you can't get out! LOL!

    • You hit the nail on the head... Dont forget the Yahoo case.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Welcome back Billy! You were MIA for a while.

        Lopo....don't underestimate Yahoo's case. They filed for the appeal after making the decision to forgo the the other cases. MM case is special in that it could turn into more than settlement. MM needs to tap into the mobile marketing side of the sector with hugh future potential and much bigger margins then the highly commodity Ad network...specially the wholesale type that they are involved in. Velti just entered their turf on top of the other 800lb gorillas like google and FB and apple. So they only way to compete their is on price and volume. With Google and Apple its even harder because they are multifaceted and have deep pockets to drag this out lower margin. So the solution is to become like Augme and Velti. What better way, and based on todays prices of augme, to acquire us. This move will increase their margin and their growth potential in a very niche market that Google, Fb, and Apple can not and will not compete. They are in the commodity business will be fine their. There might be a good reason why MM was left for the last :)