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  • micstepug micstepug Apr 25, 2013 10:11 AM Flag

    The share price is irrelevant at this point

    Hopefully that will change one day but right now and for the foreseeable future the value of this company will not be recognized by the price it trades at. It's value will only be recognized at the point of sale.

    Most, as I do, believe that a sale is where the path ultimately leads for this company and if so it is only at that point that we will reap the benefits of the true value of this company. Sad that the stock price does not and probably will not ever reflect the value of the company, (although I am still hopeful that some catalyst will do that one day), so constant daily share price monitoring and all of the related ups and downs and highs and lows in feelings and commentary that reflects that is just a wasted exercise. The focus needs to be on what the comapny is doing to increase its value for future sale.

    The upcoming release of the year-end results along with the conference call is pivotal for the future of this company as well as news on break-even status, financing/dilution, Geos sales, and most importantly how the current quarter is shaping up 2/3 of the way through. If all of that goes well and positively that is really all that matters as that will increase the sales value of this company which is all that is of importance. So again, focus on that. The share price is ireleavnt.

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    • If it isn't relevant at this point, when does it become relevant? Look, the pps of any stock is unpredictable we all know that and it can go North to South at any time I give you that. But how the H *$% L can you explain to all of us the past four years pps history of this stock? Going as high as $4.60 ( was the pps relevant then?) I bet you will say yes on that didn't you? To low .30s today, now your saying it isn't? Since then the company has added as supposedly (A team mgm't), HC to the lineup and gathered a bunch of patents that were not protected well. My point is, the price is relevant at this point for newbies coming in, as the market has priced this correctly base on risk/reward potential. Unfortunately, its saying there is more risk than reward at this point and you could not be more relevant than that. Have you heard of "Snake Eyes"? Yes, this is Snake Eyes! LOL.

    • Unless you are looking to add to your holdings.