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  • rowdyted rowdyted Apr 29, 2013 1:33 PM Flag

    Anyone notice the huge bid and ask today?

    The volumes are huge on the bid and ask but none of them are going through. Not sure what this means but would appreciate some input if you've got any.

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    • Apparently the bid and ask volume is off by two decimal points across the board on OTC stocks. Don't get too excited.

    • IMO today's action is yet another example of someone is trying to hold the price down. It gets above .40, someone looks at level 2, sees exactly how many shares are lined up on the bid, dumps just enough to drop it down a few cents, then throws a huge ask up there to try to discourage people from buying.

      The bottom line is that some buyers need to step up. Throwing a 500k bid up there is great, but until the buyers stop just sitting back and waiting for the sellers to come to them, the stock price is range-bound at best. The company needs to announce enough positive news to create enough demand for the shares that the people who are accumulating aren't able to sit back and just wait for people to be bored/scared out and actually have to pay up if they want shares.

      AdamEricsom, you've said that it's difficult for someone to accumulate size without driving the share price up. There are over 500k shares just sitting at .368. If someone is interested in accumulating size without driving the share price up, seems to me that this would be a perfect opportunity, wouldn't it?

    • Info dripping out about LOC or ABL...

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