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  • lyvnlern lyvnlern May 22, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

    Nice presentation

    Pretty well covered everything, imho.

    Name change to Hipcricket occurring at shareholder meeting.

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    • amazing that nothing seems to be able to move this stock..just selling every day or nothing..not even the name change has any effect..

    • Could you elaborate? Haven't been able to access the webcast yet. Are you saying IB said the change would be up for vote at the next ASM?

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      • Just listened to the webcast. I think "nice presentation" about sums it up. IB hit the main points. Tactfully described the IP scenario in less than a minute. Reiterated Good tone. Easy listening.

        At first I thought that maybe someone was stretching / making up stuff re: the name change... but, sure enough, right at the end, in the Q&A, IB did say that "it is worth noting that we will be changing our name to Hipcricket at the annual shareholders meeting and that is something we and our shareholders view as valuable" (or thereabouts - been a minute since I listened to it).

        This was in response tot the only question... where someone asked about profitability. IB basically said, as I mentioned, we intend on hitting August. He said they were cash flow positive when they were acquired by Augme, but that things changed obviously with all the litigation expenses. He said the team at the helm now is essentially the team that was at the helm then and will see it back to profitability.

        In another post I had mentioned being unfamiliar with the name of the SVP of Engineering that was on the slide. Good reason I suppose. IB mentioned that he was actually coming on-board (from Microsoft / Nokia) next week. Curious about what his focus areas and compensation will be. I'm assuming he'll be focusing on the Ad Serve and Ad Life products. Also assuming the cash drain will be equivalent to a couple of the IP heads... but, at least we'll be getting teeth in the product vs the IP powerball.

        Just thought I'd share.