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  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Jun 6, 2013 7:26 AM Flag

    Its just the beginning....What is Waste-Free Advertising?

    "Advertisers have forever been trying to make their messages count—to have the highest ratio of messages to receptive recipients. We desperately crave relevancy. That’s why we advertise hearing aids in AARP publications instead of comic books.
    Waste-free advertising is the realization of the (until very recently) unobtainable 1:1 marketing relationship.
    What’s happening today that makes waste-free advertising a reality? A couple of things: technology advancements and consumer sentiment.
    We all have a very close and personal relationship with our mobile devices. They’re ubiquitous—and they’re influential. They connect us to peers, they inform us and they entertain us. But they’re personal. They’re not display advertising, and when advertisers buy media on mobile devices just as they would outdoor billboards – or worse, crossing the line into what feels like privacy invasion by picking up on shopping patterns and engaging in predictive marketing – your audience is turned off.
    Consumers are bombarded with anywhere between 2,000 and 5,000 advertising messages a day, and precious few of those messages are relevant to them. Think about that phrase: “precious few.” Those few that mean something to the consumer ARE precious. They represent your engaged audience. They’re the people you should be sure you’re reaching; they’re the ones with which you can have a 1:1, waste-free advertising relationship.
    So how do we create this kind of relationship? We need to embrace everything that personal mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) can offer and relinquish some control to the shopper. We need to let them tell us who they want to hear from, and when it’s not you, we need to respect that. It’s hard giving up that kind of control, but the cell phone is not an effective brand battlefield—it’s the safe place to have these valuable 1:1 relationships with shoppers.
    Remember, it’s all about finding the right audience. This is the way to do it; this is the way to waste-free advertising

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    • Yahoo article...good read siri. I agree that we are at the forefront and early stages of this revolution. What I like is that the new management is placing the emphasis on the right areas, growing sales and now engineering in analytics, to maintain our edge in the single platform solution to cover the end to end needs of today and future mobile campaigns of any and all customers. Its doesn't feel like it now but we are getting stronger in the core of our offerings and that will show in the numbers soon enough.