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  • cscokid1377 cscokid1377 Oct 2, 2001 9:20 PM Flag

    Bean Bean...

    Please tell us all how you arrived at 21 CENTS or is another one of your Opinions.


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    • I must agree that you're getting much too testy here. There's nothing wrong with a little constructive criticism. I don't know if you're an officer or employee of the company, or simply a shareholder such as myself, but your defensive stance would certainly suggest that you choose to ignore some very valid, factual complaints. Aren't these the very factual type of posts you are looking for?

      Now you choose to bad-mouth the airline industry. Let me ask you how you would handle aircraft security? Perhaps pull up to the curb and whomever gets on first gets the best seats? I would say, yes, sell your airline stocks and don't whine when they come back strong. And don't ignore the complaints you're seeing here. One poster here compounds to many more actual visitors.


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      • Airlines have been a major mis management for years. Probably with exception of a few, Southwest and Delta??

        I dont confuse facts with opinions, and I will absolutely say that buying stocks and knowing that what a company is doing should be based on "facts" not opinions, and at least opinions from 2 or 3 people.

        That is why it is important to be able to read into the very valid complaints which I believe are in most instances ocurring at MNTG as people are stating here. There are also those who have made very serious erroneous comments within the year that have no factual basis.

        People do listen to the gossip, opinion,and facts here. I guess you will have to make the decision what are the facts. These are the only thing that is important.

        Reemeber these:

        1. $4 million dollars stolen by an employee
        2. The new facility was not being built they ran out of money, and they were not paying.
        3. Ted Arneault sold his personal stock
        4. MNTG has been fined 3 or 4 times for not paying the correct % on slots by the state
        5. 30 people quit last week.
        6. Horses being killed at the track.
        7. The track closed Mon and Tuesday of this week.

        These are typical posts that I can remember that are so false. This though is what people prey on falsities.

        ...and by the way I am not being testy, I feel that we should have the facts and need to challenge the questionable so called facts or opinions.


    • CSCO you sound like you had one too many tonite.Go easy.I am entitled to my opinion.Presently MNTG derives profits from vlts mostly,although they have risen 25 percent this quarter so have costs,interest andamortization increased.Revenues will be records and Ebita also.
      ,But earnings per diluted share will be weak.MNTG will miss earnings expectations!!!!!!

    • Races were cancelled Monday and Tuesday owing to bad weather.