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  • number_one_secretary number_one_secretary Jul 18, 2002 12:14 PM Flag


    My husband received, in the mail, a coupon for a Ted Bobblehead and a Jan Bobblehead. I received a coupon for a free baseball hat that you can only get on a certain day between 8am and 12 noon. What in the hell do I do with a Ted and Jan Bobblehead? Maybe they will get rid of the rabbits in my flower garden when they bobble around. Also, if they want to give me a hat, just give it to me when I there, not tell me to come before breakfast. MARKETING DIRECTOR, TAKE NOTE......WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR MARKETING DEGREE?

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    • The market has no logic MNTG made its highs when the vlts were at 3M then it slides to 12 then back up to around 17 on 4M a week and now 5M a week and it goes down. So logic, numbers, crystal BALLS, earnings and so on dont make a hoot in this market. But in the end cash flow and execution will make the better stocks return to where they should be. If people keep buying pie in the sky then it will be down and down. Both Penn and MNTG are a 2 stocks that will last the wrath of the bear!!!!!!!!!


    • As Marketing Director, I'm personally offended that you were upset with the Ted & Jan Bobbleheads. We put a lot of your hard-earned slot money into the bobblehead's design program. We got everything right down to the smallest detail - For example, Ted's enormous girth in a business suit and Jan's annoying, teethy smile.

      What can you do with the bobbleheads? Imagine the dialog you could construct while looking at the bobbleheads:

      Ted: "That's right, Jan. That's where we evicted those trailer park scumbags, and we plan to build our new Al Capone Cafe. You'll be able to sit in an authenic, bullet riddled 1929 Ford and play slot machines strategically placed within the dashboard."

      Jan (with a long toothy smile): "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, you mean we'll be able to play slots with Al Capone, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

      Your kids could have hours on end re-enacting those 30 minute infomercials. And don't forget to say, "We'll leave the slots on fer ya!"

      Personally, I plan to take all leftover bobbleheads and run them over one by one with my family's Ford Explorer.

      PS - Now I know why the stock's tanking.