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  • beanbean714 beanbean714 Sep 5, 2001 3:41 PM Flag


    this stock has great vlt numbers,but no other area in their business are they profitable.Ted is just going to line his pockets.I own it but poor management ,excess costs, and abuse in options and warrants are hurting e.p.s.Where are money managers going to put money,I hope here.Only expect this quater earnings to be 2 cents better than last years because of dilution.

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    • Ypu said they were only profitable in 1 area you have not proved ypurself yet....we are all waiting for the opinions to change to FACTS...time out maybe for another advertisement from the IMHO Company.

      Bye/Good Night

    • Thanks for the info but your opinions should be fact. In fact if you are a gambler Id take your money.
      1. Food and beverage is profitable
      2. Simulcasting is profitable

      I dont know where you are getting your opinions but FACTS are of great importance here not opinions about facts!

      Please tell us where there are excess costs.
      You must be our soul from the annual meeting or at least think like him!

      Poor Mgt explain that. I see a company that was destined for the Ohio River and sinking faster than the Titanic and has recovered from a stock worth "38 CENTS" to a high of 14 and now 10+ that to me is not bad.
      A track that was doing 75,000 a day and now doing a MILLION BUCKS A DAY.
      Remember opinions are like A_ _ H _ _ _ _.

      You must provide facts to this board for any credibility.

      Thanks for the opinions though!


    • CSCO,finster and theClimber,Our big plusses are the techs are still overvalued,maybeTed can enlarge the track sowe can have 12 horse fields,and the comparables for the fourth quarter may be huge.And hopefully the shorts are executed options and warrants to be closed out in january2002