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  • iwikilu iwikilu Oct 19, 2012 1:19 PM Flag

    Total Money Changing Hands

    After reading some of the concerns on this message board, I was curious how much money has actually been changing hands. Here are the total dollars that changed hands per year, calculated as the sum of closing price X volume for each day of the year.

    2012: $1,480,025
    2011: $4,687,310
    2010: $5,083,743
    2009: $1,434,505
    2008: $2,052,894
    2007: $5,899,232
    2006: $7,880,277
    2005: $14,047,639


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    • The SEC has already been made aware of these figures and specifically the 8 insiders who split 7.6 million shares on November 5, 2010. Clark handed these shares out in secret and did not make the shares public until the April 15, 2011 Annual report six months later. On November 10, 2010 Clark put out the multiple auto production contracts near to completion PR and the stock shot up to .86 cents.

      The SEC is looking at several things including the company's financials and specific promises and misleading statements 'Clark made creating the opportunity for insiders to dump shares at artificially high prices begining Novmeber 10, 2010 and throughout 2011.

      In time this company, Clark and all entities that dumped shares and made money off of the pump and dump begining on November 10, 2010 thru November 16, 2011 will have to pay back investors they duped as the SEC confiscates all of the ill gotten gains.

      At the time all this took place in 2010 the company's long time accounting firm was fired after they doubted the companies abililty to continue as a going concern because of 1.6 million in debts and no actual profits or contracts.

      How did they generate these millions of dollars when they should have gone into bankruptcy?

      That is for the SEC to figure out and is why they were interested in this scheme after hearing all of the facts.

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