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  • bilozelhi bilozelhi Dec 6, 2012 8:15 AM Flag


    Capacity concerns is a nice problem to have. However, Flexpoint has plans in place to meet any and all big orders that it expects to come its way in 2013. It is comforting to know that we won't have to wait another 8 years like we have the last 8 years for this company to take off. I am well positioned for a nice rise in share price. I hope you are too. Come on Razzle Dazzle, you are invited to the party too.

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    • Who cares about capacity?

      Where are all the orders promised these past three years????

      So a large current manufacturer of sensors that already does business with large OEM's approaches Navistar with the same sensor arleady in vehicles and gives then a cut rate and a track record of success.

      How can this tiny company with no track record of success in auto's compete with the large players and what motivation does Navistar or anyone else have to do business with such a tiny venture?

      It makes no sense really and is why a contract will never happen,

      but I think you already know that.

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    • My advice to the company. Stop the announcements unless they report done deals or significant revenue. Anything else always leads to a sell-off. Save your (our) money. Repeating this same
      unsuccessful behavior over and over again makes me wonder. Everyone is waiting for numbers from a Navistar deal, an Auto deal and orders. Almost everyone seems to get that. JMO

    • I agree. I am too. I have loaded up in the past few weeks. Trying to get some more if someone will sell the shares to me. :-)

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