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  • raulsdaz raulsdaz Jan 28, 2013 1:05 PM Flag

    Insiders continue to make money dumping shares!!!

    Since the accounting firm was fired in late 2010 after they suggested the business could not continue as a going concern because of 1.6 million of debt on the balance sheet and no actual contracts on the books the company has actually decreased their revenues each year.

    Insiders have made millions selling over 30 million shares the past two years on the release of false and misleading press releases promising big contracts that never existed catching the eye of the SEC.

    Until insiders start loading up on millions of shares a month and stop selling the tens of millions of shares the company continues to create to pay bills this stock goes to zero before years end.

    Momentum is on the downside forced by the 50 million shares created to pay bills and still no signed contracts.

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    • tns3691 Feb 12, 2013 4:24 PM Flag

      Who are the insiders you keep talking about. The Company went after big contracts in industires that are difficult to break into. I think the insiders are contunully putting money into the company rather than going out and buying shares at depressed prices. It seems like someone has a death wish for this company, why else would they dump a bunch of shares every day at the end of business. I would guess shorting is going on as well.

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      • I didn't think it was possible to short this stock. I think it can't be shorted at this time. Anyhow, insiders who were offered shares between .08 and .15 would not be dumping at .06 or .07. All the dumping from my vantage point is done by some of the original 144 (approx) investors or recent investors. Investors that benefited from dilution are hurting now too. I don't think any of them need the money now. They are waiting for the big prize. Razzle Dazzle is a one-man wrecking crew with a vendetta because he lost a bunch of money buying in at .90. He probably bought some of my shares at .90. My mistake was continuing to average down instead of banking the money and waiting for .06 shares.

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      • How can any company survive spending 600k and earning 75k?

        If this was a real venture expenses would be realistic for the business they do.

        The CEO making 150k a year is a joke.

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    • How can insiders make money dumping shares they got between .08 and .15 when they sell at .07? You continue to peddle falsehoods.

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      • The share giveway is endless. The price is either under the market or the quantity of shares is more than is owed to make up for the share price.

        Clark and his insider friends have made millions manipulating the stock price without selling many sensors and it just keeps going with no end in sight.

        Thats what got the SEC's attention.

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