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  • melz99nyr melz99nyr Mar 22, 2012 5:16 PM Flag

    11c close tomorrow

    hope this support level holds in the morning tomorrow. i would be happy with a close of 10c-11c. going to buy more shares if we test .77c again. ton of shares went off at that level today.

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    • people don't get it yet. Those "minidumps" are the brokers combining shares and selling to their best customers.
      The little guys get flushed out with their stupid stop limits and the smart ones scoop them up 50k+ at a time.
      There are still disadvantages to electronic trading, this is one of them.
      Keep the cheap shares coming, its easier to make 30% at .08 than it is at .19.

      News will be coming next month and the loudmouths on the sidelines will still be telling you how to spend your money.

      message to the lurkers and trolls (both pumpers and bashers):
      you have no stake in this because you are either cowards or losers. we see your big talk no action every day and it means nothing.
      put up or shut up.

    • good move! This "correction" is due to the day traders who hopefully are now out of the stock so that the price can then begin to move upwards again.

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      • dude, everything else you said is fine, but that correction you just saw was the day traders GETTING BACK INTO THE STOCK AFTER BEATING IT DOWN.
        The volume shows this stock is getting a lot of looks.
        On Wall st. this is nothing, but in the pink sheet pits, this is as good as it gets.
        The market is looking at this thing really wondering if it is true that the little company that can't, actually might.

        If I am wrong tomorrow will prove it.

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