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  • thomasreddit thomasreddit Aug 24, 2012 11:48 AM Flag

    be careful who you listen to on message boards

    It's easier to sit on (or hold) a stock than it is to admit that one has made a mistake when they purchased it in the first place – especially at a loss! THAT'S WHO THE PACK OF PUMPERS PRAY ON AND DEPEND ON. They want the stock to go up, but don’t believe that it can under its own power! Understand? And they have just as much money and risk as you. But they have the edge of fear, lies, falsehoods to post and to keep others holding their positions which they hope will minimize the drop in the stock price.  

    Lesson 1: Remember, PUMPERS NEVER PUMP A GOOD STOCK. Watch the board for stocks with strong potential. They never have any pumpers. Pumpers only go after stocks that are going downwards or have excellent potential to go down. Pumpers get left behind, so they want to bring the price up.

    Lesson 2: PUMPERS BRING UP OLD NEWS THAT YOU HAVE HEARD MANY TIMES. All companies always have a few bits of good and bad news. The pumper will post the good news over and over again. The stupid pumper will try to make the old news a bit fresher to try to fool you.

    Lesson 3: PUMPERS POST MANY TIMES A DAY IF THE STOCK PRICE GOES UP, BUT MAY GO SILENT ON DAYS WHEN THE PRICE PULLS BACK. Pumpers can answer every question except those that involve facts that are contrary to their position. There is no negative comment they won't bash. They try to control the board. When all else fails pumpers resort to personal attacks against those who don’t support a stock.

    Lesson 4: PUMPERS WILL LIE TO YOUR FACE. Never trust a pumper. The truth on all companies is that mistakes are made and losses happen, and things go right and profits happen. The pumper will try to make you believe that the company they are pumping can only make minor errors... THIS IS NOT TRUE. THE PUMPERS LIE TO YOU. Companies with falling stock prices are frequently making more than minor errors, this is the nature of the beast.

    Lesson 5: The pumpers know YOU CAN'T VERIFY THEIR STATEMENTS. That's why they make the statements they do.

    Lesson 6: The pumpers PLAY ON YOUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. They can lie about information and you couldn't know the difference (unless you have done your assessment of the company and know the truth and facts).

    Lesson 7: Pumpers play on your patience. YOU have held a microcap stock for a while. You knew it will be a madcap stock someday, but the PUMPER CAN GET TO YOU BECAUSE YOUR HUMAN NATURE WANTS TO KEEP YOU FROM ADMITTING THAT YOU ARE HOLDING A LOSING POSITION. That's when the pumper is best. You are proud. You have forgotten the commitment was to keep your losses small and your profit big. The pumper is bothersome, so you hold it through bad day after bad day. Some others buy, and the stock goes up a little bit. Then you feel justified for holding and return to let everyone know how glad you are for holding. Then you turn into a pumper as well. THE PUMPER HAS WON, AND GAINED A NEW PARTNER TOO!

    Lesson 8: HOLD THE PRICE UP. That is the pumper’s job. The truth is not important. Lies are the norm. Post continuously on the board every day. They are trying to hit the newbies visiting the board. They are trying to wear out the critical discussions on the board. They do whatever it takes to wear the shorts out.

    Lesson 9: PUMPERS WILL TRY TO CREATE DOUBT AND GET YOU TO RESEARCH ITEMS THAT THEY KNOW WILL LEAD TO THE CREATION OF DOUBT IN YOU AND IN OTHER STOCKHOLDERS. A typical trick of an advanced pumper is to propose that there is a potential news release coming, but because "we" don't have the facts on a particular subject we don’t know the unshared details. The pumper dares someone in the group to find out the answer to the question. The pumper already knows the answer; the pumper already knows what will be found. The power of this tactic is that the pumper is now in control of the actions of the stockholders; the pumper has you, the stockholder doing HIS/HER due diligence and when you, the stockholder come back to the group with a questionable finding then the pumper gains credibility. What to do??? Solution??? Well, I think it's important to find answers but on your own terms. I actually pick up the phone and call the company and talk to the investor relations person or the CEO until I get a satisfactory answer. The problem here is that the advanced pumper has you doing his bidding and his work; you have essentially joined his ranks. So, develop your own little Due Diligence package and answer questions by placing the information into the package and referring all new investors to read the answers to questions raised in the Investor Information package but DON'T GET INTO A CONVERSATION WITH THE PUMPER REGARDING THE TOPIC. THAT IS WHERE YOU LOSE. DON'T CONVERSE WITH THE PUMPER; ANSWER INDIRECTLY; DON'T USE THE PUMPER’S NAME; DON'T GET INTO A PERSONALITY CONTEST.

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    • Bumpbump

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    • And some people
      bashers think they have everything figured out. Not just on message boards but in life. They have the answer to any and every problem. Take a guy who takes time to type basically a long letter on a penny message board. This guy has really nothing else to do and has put alot of thought and even probably wrote out on paper what he was going to post. An idiot is an idiot. It makes no difference how you try and make yourself appear on a penny message board. Maybe he is looking for board acknowledgement from the other bashers as your new leader. LMAO

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      • dorianpc Sep 10, 2012 10:31 PM Flag

        Your point is only too true. To think that someone could take anything on this board to heart is absurd. - I include my own ranting and pumping -
        I spend too much time here debating punching bags. The fun wears off after awhile.
        But selling #$%$ the stock you bought from them at 4 cent for 9 cents and 12 cents never gets old.
        The best thing of all is I can ALWAYS liquidate my position faster than the insiders at cctc.
        Out trading a scheister is a thing of beauty, if a few stooges get taken for a ride, it's not my problem.

    • Stock Message Board Pumpers: Getting Out: Stock message board pumpers get on the case of pumping a particular stock because they want to get out of the stock in question. While the ends may seem counterintuitive (why would someone want to drive up the price of a stock they want to sell) the fact remains that this is often the case. People all enter into stock at different levels; maybe the pumper of the stock needs the money for something or perhaps they've just waited too long and they need to exit. Maybe the online message board pumpers have inside information of some bad news pending and just want a short term pop in share price so that they can sell at a greater profit before what they know or think they know to be coming, breaks.

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