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  • mjbwp mjbwp Jul 16, 2010 12:46 PM Flag

    know what you own

    Wow! so please help me out here with this subject...

    Bought 12500 shares of CLNH @ .155 on 1/12/10

    Sold 12500 shares @ .355 on 3/16/10

    $4408.00 proceeds/sale
    $1954.00 cost/purchase
    $2454.00 Profit

    Held for just over 2 months.

    If what youre saying is true on how CLNH does things, what would the tax implications be on this figure??


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    • That depends entirely on the K-1 that you get from CLNH as of 12/31/10.

      If as I suggested CLNH allocates a large amount of income (that you did not receive as there is no dividend), your tax basis will be significantly increased so that you have a large capital tax loss due to a tax basis much greater than your purchase price. If that exceeds your other taxable gains, you can only deduct $3,000 of the capital loss against other income each year.

      The worst part is that you may have to pay tax on the 2010 income that CLNH allocated to you.

      I cannot say that will happen for sure, but I believe it is a definite possibility, enough so that I may make an extra tax deposit to cover the possibility.

      We will not know for sure until we get the K-1, and I doubt that CLNH will tell you now, even if asked at the CC. They will dodge any such question as: "ask your tax advisor." Who can predict without that K-1?

    • Don't rely on these amateurs for tax advice.

      First, even if they are well intentioned, they often don't know what they are talking about. Second, they may not be well intentioned and may be trying to alarm investors in order to drive the stock price down.

      If you want advice, go to a reputable accountant or tax advisor.