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  • gadder007 gadder007 Sep 6, 2011 9:41 PM Flag

    Don't Ya just Hate Obama?

    night barker: you're just believing everything the press is serving and feeding you - you are even more of a brainless moron that some others here.

    Clinton did not leave the nation with a surplus. He borrowed from our social security to balance the budget, actually just hiding our problems and risking our nation to borrow even more. It also was he and other leaders of the democratic party who deregulated the housing market to get people buying houses who couldn't afford them, therefore created the great recession, and almost destroyed our banking system and wall street.

    I do need to agree with you that we should tolerate unfunded wars; we should either terminate them, which wouldn't be that simple or properly fund them.

    It's time to get a leader on the presidential job, not just somebody paying lip service to the public, promising and promising, and delivering nothing, no jobs, no growth, no nothing, but leaving a huge bill nobody can pay. Every job created over the last few year cost the tax payer roughly $350,000. That's ridiculous and this insanity need to stop.

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    • And I hope the American public is smart enough to see Perry is another Bush on steroids. The country will go to hell if this clown is elected.

    • You have republican blinders on. Bush created the derivatives mess. No regulation of wall street. Bush had the power to change the rules and never did. To blame Clinton for the mess Bush created is like blaming the Pope for climate change. Bush had six years of total control and did nothing. he allowed the housing bubble, had the prescription drug plan without funding, destroyed wall street by allowing casino like gambling, and allowed the banking industry to play the slots.

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