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  • colt_19_11 colt_19_11 Aug 4, 2011 10:10 AM Flag

    Don't Ya just Hate Obama?

    Since he has been in office he has not done one positive thing for the everyday guy. He has killed the market, distroyed the economy, killed housing, opened the boarder to the huns, and laid down for the enemies of the US.

    I sure wish this guy would go away.

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    • dont hate the palyer hate the game

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      • no one forces investment cash from little people.

        the people laughing with the market falling have puts and are making out like bandits.
        if you dont have a great hedgefund then dont buy stocks. the rest of the happy crowd have no investment cash and so what if market falls. the administration and obama voters dont care about "the stock market" better beware.

    • what I cant stand is he is doing it with pure joy.

    • I don't know why this ranting is posted here but there are a lot of really frustrated people working on this trying to make it true by repeating lies. All of the things blamed on Obama were really the result of Bush/Republican policy and mismanagement....too bad that denying that won't make it different.

    • knightow..... I just LOVE YOUR REPLIES to all those Republican ditto heads who can't and wont' think for themselves.

    • NOTHING for humans .... just baboon grants.

    • He has managed to make a difficult situation dire. Of the $800 Billion stimulus only 2% went towards he says it is the answer. Obama wasted $800 billion and now wants more. IMBECILE!!!

    • Hate aint going to get you very far.

      We are the problem. Our moral code has detiorated , our education at all levels has fallen to new lows, our health standards have detiorated , our infrastructure is in shambles; our national debt ratio is just behind that of Greece , our Housing market has imploded , Banking is near collapse , unemployment is a record high and our voter turn out is the lowest in the world.Nevertheless , white collar crime, fraud and greed have reached new heights.

      Yet we are trying to sell our Democracy to the world. It has been a very expensive sale both in men and money.Then we were hooked on globalisation which brought about el cheapo sales in Wall Mart but failed to realize it would kill millions of jobs in this country which can now never be replaced.

      We are a living paradox. In Foreign policies, we support the idea that religous sects can have a historical claim to the land in the Middle east while we ourselves do not allow the native Indian to any claim that they were the original owners of this land.

      We need to overhaul our constitution which does not serve any purpose in this information age.

    • forgot to mention gave a crook 600,000 million to solar systems company that never worked and made principle of firm first on getting money back what a winner

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      • Seriously, no one replied to this fellas assertion about the "solar system company"? I'm not sure whether to ROTFLMAO or cry thinking about how ignorant our voter base has become. For the record, it's not about whether it's a Democrat or a Republican problem; both parties and the current system as dictated by law are the problem. Until the extremes on both sides realize that both Party participants are the problem and handing out BS (or Kool-Aid for those that understand the rhetoric) and take advantage of the system by spending their time on capital hill fund-raising and then becoming hired hands/ consultants that are solely looking out for their own personal interest versus the good of the country. I give you two examples of people that have used their Political past to make a fortune in the private sector and 'mesmerize' their supporters: Al Gore for the left and Sarah Palin on the right. Neither is particularly brilliant and yet both are laughing all the way to the bank with money they've generated through book deals, talks, and special interest contracts through news organizations and corporations. Wake up America, WE are the fools and the politicians and the corporations are continuing to stick it to us and laugh about it at their cocktail parties behind our backs.

    • Deregulation got us the Bush BS. Or did you forget the mess Bush left us with?? Did you forget the bank bailouts by Bush? Did you forget the Great Recession started by Bush? Did you forget Bush turned a Clinton surplus into a large deficit? Did you forget the housing mess due to no regulations???? You must be either very rich or very dumb.

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