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  • iddoc60 iddoc60 Mar 6, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

    If anybody thinks managing HIV

    is as simple as popping a single pill a day and dying of old age, I have bridge in Brooklyn that is real cheap! Interested AF?
    Google search :
    Johns Hopkins HIV GuideManagementAntiretroviral Therapy if you want an idea of the complexity of HART!

    Just for AF's educamation, HArt resistance happens!

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    • It is time for Biotech amd Medicine to WRING is neck! The more he is allowed to spout, he hurts medical advances and hurts investors looking at advancing science and finding cures!

    • I don't understand why people follow his opinions.

      Lately I think various stocks are hit immediately after he writes an article (hit hard by shorts) "creating the illusion" the stock is down due to him uncovering something bad, when in fact there's nothing wrong at all.

      The whole thing seems planned in advance. I was actually thinking he was going to hit us today, so wasn't surprised. Plus didn't he do the same last year after CROI? Or the year before? Plus he was having a back and forth on twitter with someone claiming to be a former long (who may have sold out near the lows after DN) if I remember correctly.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Yes, even with retroviral thereapy, HIV patients have dramatically shorter life expectancies. And the side effects can be formidable. Nevertheless, the hype of a potential HIV "cure" has been overblown here. I think that there are other conditions, such as hemophilia, where Sangamo's technology may have more immediate application.

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