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  • DONEDEALER DONEDEALER Sep 22, 2008 10:53 AM Flag

    Market requires 22% yield on AGNC?

    With price holding around $19 with only 3 days to ex date for $1.00 dividend, market appears to be saying stock is worth only $18 after the dividend and therefor market requires 22% yield from this stock. In contrast market appears to require only 15% from NLY. This appear illogical but this is the appears to be the message.

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    • With only about two or three hours of trading since the dividend announcement, your conclusion may be a bit premature.

    • This is a LOW price for this stock. Especially when you consider not only peers to it, but that ACAS is hooked in here. This should be at 25.00-30.00 A share EASY! REALLY EASY. It may be that this stock is relatively unknown??? Or folks might see it and think there is something wrong with the dividend being so high. Who knows??? Anyone???

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      • I think the shorts are trying to play ti cool this morning and not do too much buying, but the volume is actually pretty decent as the shorts nibble at the longs who bought recently in the 17's and 18's.

        The sp being so low is amazing though. A better peer is HTS imo, and it has a sp of $22+ but a div of only $3/year, and HTS's margins are much worse b/c HTS's COF is much higher. Something has got to give to the upside over $20 sp soon imo.


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