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  • rpp100 rpp100 Sep 29, 2009 5:12 PM Flag

    What's up with these options trades?

    CINCINNATI, Sep 29, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Call traders are piling positions
    on American Capital Agency Corp. (NASDAQ: AGNC) this afternoon, despite a lack
    of any headline news. Taking stock of the activity, AGNC's October 25 call has
    seen more than 11,400 contracts trade on open interest of just 385 contracts,
    while the December 22.50 strike has attracted volume of 15,600 contracts on open
    interest of 521 contracts.

    Furthermore, the December 25 strike has pulled in volume of more than 20,000
    contracts, with open interest standing at 847 contracts, while the March 2010
    22.50 and 25 calls have both seen roughly 7,000 contracts trade.

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    SOURCE: Schaeffer's Investment Research

    Schaeffer's Investment Research
    Joseph Hargett, 513-589-3800

    Copyright Business Wire 2009

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    • The $30.00 calls for March 2010 are interesting place to park the dividen.

    • I haven't been called out for the divi. Very unusual.

      This marks the top. Hold on.

      Back to $23 by year end I'd guess.

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      • At $23 would put yeild over 24%.....i will many will you sell me.....solid yields over 20, or 15 or 12% for that matter are getting very scarce so i am looking at lots of investments in the 8 to 10 cd etc types. bought lots of etfs yeilding 30 plus in the past...sure wish i had kept my age of 75, hindset is not much use cause mostly i can not remember exactly , but i once had 14% tax free munis and still regret selling...i think in the 80's, now buying munis in the 5 to 7 range yeild and glad to get them....hts up 80+% this yr...agnc well on the way to a big winner too....both 100% agency...anyone know about cys..may be next one..ex is 10/30 approx....please share if you know ...thanks ...i pray for all sensible, sane investors.....gave up craps about age 35

      • At 23 and a $5 dividend =s 21.7% yield. would expect another dividend run starting in December.

      • Do market makers adjust option prices similar to when a stock goes ex-div? If not, wouldn't selling calls or buying puts just be taking advantage of the change in the underlying stock price?

    • What was the open interest yesterday....2 possibilities:

      1. people are closing their options to take possession of the stock

      2. people are buying the options for protection to the downside.

      yes, it is odd. Have sold 5 contract of DECs $25...hope i get called out....want the money to go into CMO. Also have sold 5 contracts of March $30...won't get called out on that one.

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      • What are the advantages of CMO over AGNC? There was huge institutional buying of CMO leading up to the Sept ex-div date and I wonder what they see as the attraction? I do own both cmo and agnc, but I'd like to get your take on the two. cmobc was a 5x bagger for me, bought at an average price of 22 cents then sold most of it at $1.10 and kept enough contracts to create a nice cmo position with by excercising them down the road.

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