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  • wiganunda wiganunda Dec 3, 2009 12:32 PM Flag

    Some interesting facts

    1. If taxas are not raised or spending cuts are not found then growing the economy is the only way for the US to get out of its growing deficits.
    Removing corporate tax benifits for moving factories out of America and letting Corporations write off 100% of the cost of new equipment in the first year and if the write offs apply to only equipment that is made in America would help even more.
    Stoping illegal imagration would help the unemployeed.
    Allowing only those with degrees imagrate into the US would help even more and stoping all imagration for at least 10 years would be even better.
    The housing problem could be solved quickly by giving citizenship to those who come here and buy a house with cash.
    Giving new businesses a 5 year pass on payroll and corporate tax could also do wonders.
    Ending the war on terroism by simply hitting real targets, which our military and political powers that be, still refuse to recognize as the real enemy, which is the Muslim Clerics who do the brainwashing children into believing the God will reward them for killing Non-Muslims because they are not human beings, but just dogs. Peace brings huge savings. Until that change of targets is put into effect we will see unending war for next few hundred years or until all free nations are defeated by God's Muslim whore mongering murders.
    Until then, lets just get rich collecting the interest on loans to our blind leaders.
    Those who don't understand interest pay it and those who do collect it. A main part of the Muslim war plan is drive the governments of all free nations broke.
    Good luck with all your investing.

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    • Problem with the capitalist system is it depends on a growing population to work. US population growth had almost reached zero and was headed towards negative growth until Ronald Reagan offered amnesty to the illegals, the immigrants with their higher birth rate got the population growing again.
      Now even immigrant family size is shrinking. This is the big reason SS and Medicare will run out of money, it's exactly like a ponzi pyramid scheme that depends on new investors.
      It will take a major rethinking of how we deal with the economy without growing population that will almost have to include higher taxes possibly rebuilding infrastructure.
      I have a feeling the politicians are well aware of the need for growing population to retain the statistique and that's the reason immigration reform never happens.

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      • ill, I think you have some thoughts on target. But it's not a problem with capitalism. It's a problem with a socialist program that continues to provide monetary support through the use of taxes to cover those who are included in government support programs. Pretty soon you run out of tax money. That particularly happens when a society is in a declining birth rate situation. But not to worry. The muslims are coming into the US and establishing their 'rights' and their birth rate per family is about 6, compared to the US which is now below 2. So somewhere around 2050, they may be in the majority or control enough to take over government and we will then see how their muslim societies provide for those who don't do enough for themselves.

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