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  • reits_r_us reits_r_us Sep 27, 2010 7:55 PM Flag

    Congrats Riders of Rohan

    Well done Riders!

    I asked you to join me this Wednesday in the Valley of the Enemy, where death and carnage await the Long Footmen. I trust the video inspired courage in your hearts. We cannot celebrate yet. As I presented you the BigChart map and gave you directions to Helm's Deep, you must hold until the Enemy is completely vanquished and the spoils are ours.

    My map showed that the vulnerable spot in the enemy's armor is at: "Then you'll find a trading range between 25.50 and 29.90."

    Hold back to the rear and buy early , if you must. Those who can muster courage press on. We will never again (this quarter) have the enemy in such a vulnerable position.

    There will be blood flowing tomorrow! Do not look to your own mettle nor to the North(29.90), but look to the South(25.50-25.90) for on that horizon your deliverance shall come!!

    Good luck!!

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    • Thanks Ben,

      I have been scourged B4 in these fires of affliction..I actually was only singed getting out of my Nov 28 puts @ BE minus commissions..I own 50 Nov 26 calls.. to hedge my HTS position.I have a hard time thinking that profits won't be taken soon on such a run post offering on AGNC..

      I also have my eye on KMP Dec70 calls@ .7, ETP Dec 50 calls @ .60 and EVEP Dec 35 calls @ 1.25. I am waiting for a down day. Their history one month prior to EX is stunning. Thank you for the heads up on these..

      HTS, yes, I may get burned..patience, courage...thank you for your kind words..

    • So this is (my)tomorrow's plan...

      as has happened in the past:

      (5/13-5/14/2010 and 10/26-10/27/2009), the drop on open is usually followed by an additional .38-.41 drop to the low, on about 8x normal volume (my est. 7.2 million shares). This low price often trades for 7 trading days in this range. Wild card is earnings in a few weeks. I believe earnings will be great!

      Move up to EX-DIV has been 2.00 gain in 2009 and 4.00 in 2010.

      Next EX-DIV Dec 30 (guess). Trading range projected from chart I gave you earlier should be between 25.75 and 30.5 by Dec 31, 2010.

      So buy MAR 2011 Calls @ Strike $2.00 above tomorrow's low. EG. Stock opens @ 26.50 trading down to 26.19 low. Buy MAR2011 28 calls @ hopefully .60-.70. Don't pay over 1.00.

      Your thoughts?

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