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  • reits_r_us reits_r_us Oct 18, 2010 4:55 PM Flag

    The Banking Apocalypse

    Sorry guys..I was kind of miserable and depressed this past week and being a little masochistic I like to kick myself further by listening to gloom and doom.

    On a personal better note, I have surgery coming up for a throat unknown lump and a CT was secured a month ago to image my throat, when to my surprise the radiologist report came back stating I have an inoperable brain aneurysm besides the throat mass.

    So I've been busily getting my affairs in order this past week for my dear "kept" wife, who knows nothing about our finances..user names , pass words, accounts, policies, etc., etc. Let that idea sink in for you folks who keep a lot of items in your heads :-)

    Anyway, met with the Neurosurgeon this AM and after another 3D angio CT last Friday he said that the aneurysm was small and just go on with my life. I said, OK!

    So now I don't care that I missed out on the gold/silver run or that I didn't purchase my three year supply of freeze dried food(not a bad idea:-)) or stock up on extra shot gun shells, or didn't build a bomb shelter..or that AGNC didn't hit 28.50 last week...I just am happy to be alive today.

    Our times truly are in God's hands...

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    • Try keepass for the kept wife, that way she (and you) only has to remember one password. . My strategy is to try to build so much wealth for my 22 yo house wife and young children that they can live comfortably off the divvies and bond interest without the need for much investment savvy if I kick the bucket. Still working in that. Property taxes are the other big factor that could hurt her when she's old, even with a mortgage free house. Many people in old folks homes who had paid off houses were put there by property taxes. We may actually move to Hawaii partially because property taxes on the Big Island are lower than here in Port Townsend, and because she can grow fruits and veggies more easily there. Believe it or not 15 fertile acres in Hawaii only cost about as much as one of my modest Port Townsend homes. I am in the process of developing a very defensive posture towards property taxes and food price inflation for my eventual widow. I can do my investing anywhere there is fast internet.

      I just said a prayer for your head and what that's worth to you probably depends mostly on you and your beliefs. It certainly made me feel better to do so.

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      • Thank you Taymere..I am a very devout Christian and I appreciate your prayers!

        Wow, re. the other topics, we not only live in the same state but share a love and desire to live in Hawaii. I live on the poor side of WA state so we have had no home appreciation over the past 20 years at all.

        I recently inherited cash from the sale of some OR coast property so that was great! I have 5 children. Most of them make more money than myself so I'm OK that way..My "tail ender" is 17, female and need I say more :-) College bills await!

        I almost moved to HI in '97 to practice with Kaiser-P on Maui. Just didn't work out. I would like to live Up Country in Kula, about 3000 elevation with bicoastal views, grow your own food, sounds like you know...

        Thanks for the keepass heads up. I definitely will look into it.

        This board is the best!!

      • TAY - my brother moved from Tacoma Washington to the big island 2 years ago, like you are planning. He loves it there. He also puts out a monthly newsletter about the real estate market conditions, local economic news, and interesting places to see. Heres his website, you should look him up and tell him Bruce sent you and he'll work his A$$ off to find you a good buy - guaranteed.

    • I wish you well bro. I know how you feel. I have lumps on my neck and saw an internal doc, oncologist, and ENT.

      They told me I'm fine, I'm upgrading my health insurance just in case...

    • Dr. Reit,

      Sorry to hear about your medical issues. Glad to hear that the aneurysm was determined to be safe. I'd be willing to bet that you will be good as new once all of the procedures are squared away. My thoughts are with you during your absence.


    • When is your surgery?

      I will be praying.

      Obviously, the financial stuff is irrelevant.

    • Congrats on the good health report...But after reading this thread and seeing what the former banker wrote I feel the instant need to go take a shower...Pure scumbags, each and every one of them...Worse than lawyers, worse than used car salseman, worse than scum imho...

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