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  • brucebrewski brucebrewski Nov 2, 2010 12:34 PM Flag

    It's a nicer message board

    when Triumph and his "crew" aren't in here bashing AGNC isn't it? Boy, did their NLY take a hit! Its probably why it's so quiet here, lol

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    • Nice post. The board I have is helping me run my idea past others and I am doing a lot of analysis that I can't do here. So, I will use both. Right now, I am knee deep into MLP season and have ongoing trades in NRGY, LINE and tomorrow ETP, then EXLP on Monday. So, if we can combine our skills, we can make some money, but the only issue I have yahoo, is I can't post my tables, charts and statistics. Otherwise, you are quite right about the AGNC board at this moement.

      So, the reason was more than just frustration on this board. I can take that just fine, but I can't post data.

    • Perfect metaphor, Doc.

    • Ben,

      I wish you all the best with the new board, but my sense was you created it out of frustration with a few annoying people who were posting on this board.

      I found those people's posts annoying too - not because they took a negative view on AGNC, but because they got into personal attacks and unpleasant language.

      It can be helpful to have someone argue the against your views. It forces you to sharpen your thinking.

      Anyway, those people have departed and the board is pleasant again. It is a great board because we have a bunch of regulars who write interesting posts, bring up new trading ideas and new perspectives. The fact that it is on Yahoo gives it exposure and occasionally attracts new people.

      It is probably good to have the croc board if things get nasty here at some point in the future. I haven't posted anything there, but I read some of the posts. For now though, all is mellow here.

      And it will get mellower yet when AGNC declares another fat DIV in mid-December and everyone's stock and calls pop upwards. I can hardly wait...

      (By the way, IVR closed north of 22 today. AGNC will break the 29 barrier soon).

      Actually, I wish the fearmongers were around right now to drive the price down so I could pick some AGNC up cheap.

      I think the market will rally on Wed and Thursday, and maybe some profit taking on Friday. When the rally ends, I expect a pullback with some buying opportunities in lots of things...

    • Hey Bruce,

      You are so right about that. You have to question the maturity of some of the posters. The mindset seems to be a desire to say, "I'M RIGHT AND YOU"RE WRONG!!!" They seem to miss the point that information is power and that most of us are all here to advance our portfolios. That's the beauty of the "Ignore" button. Keep up the excellent posts.


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