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  • olee2116 olee2116 Jan 7, 2011 3:46 PM Flag

    Hts - Cheap

    Yeah RT, I'm not happy at all with the price movement of HTS. All of the gains it made for the past two days were just lost today. I could have made more money in a savings account...

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    • Yeah, I know.. For me it was time to move on to something else..

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      • The top peformer today of the ones that I watch was IVR. I wouldn't have guessed that from its lacklaster performance two weeks ago.

        AGNC, up .68% to 29.43.
        NLY, up .62% to 17.76
        HTS, down .10% to 29.00
        CMO, down .08% to 12.71
        MFA, down .38% to 7.97
        ANH, even $7.79
        IVR, up 1.51% to 22.23

        My point here is there is lot of offerings that have just been done. It takes some patience to realise your positions. The nice thing about HTS is there are no risk, but okay there offering didn't do quite as well.

        Let's see what happens to AGNC if it goes to the market again. I am not convinced it will, but i would suggest if it does, it will take awhile for it to climb.

        The only stock that can change within days and make you a fortunate on calls is apple, assuming you have the courage. It rose $2.77 to $336.50 today and I bought it for $300 after the last earnings release. My point is that life was pretty boring with apple for about two weeks after I bought the shares.

        Maybe, these offerings have just changed the price, volume action of the entire MREIT sector, for while, and maybe HTS will make its move in a few weeks. The offering was just done.

        I was so frustrated with AGNC last quarter, particularly after its offering. There is just a lot of money in the MREIT sector and overhang in many places.

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