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  • stockmeister3 stockmeister3 Jan 13, 2011 6:08 PM Flag

    $28/share AND Now They are saying a total of 27M Shares

    YES - 27 MILLION SHARES; 23.4M + underwriter options for an additional 3.5M shares.

    They are essentially increasing the share count by 50% - JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ - and they have to leverage the proceeds 7-8 times. GREAT TIME TO BE AN UNDERWRITER My GOD!!!!!!!!!

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    • Litteraly pump-and-dump. A month ago, their offering (at $28) was just before the anticipated $1.40 dividend. Now, they pre-announce Q4 earnings and follow up with this.

      Sure, I'm interested in $28 if the volume is high -- i.e. if they can sell 24M quickly. But I'll tell you right now that I'd be looking to sell next week for a profit.

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      • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jan 13, 2011 6:58 PM Flag

        Given that they originally announced 18-20 million, the fact that they expanded it to 27 million means they've pretty much already sold it.

        And you want the underwriters who bought it not to put it on the market. You want them hanging on for big profits from the div and the price movement.

        No idea what this means for the div. Probably keep it at $1.40 if the terms of their business model haven't changed. And, if they have an excess in cash from this offering, it ought to be a longer interval before they issue shares again.

        Good time to settle in for the long-term, or double up along with the syndicates.

    • Hey miester, been in this with you since 2008. Wasnt there another prolific inteligent poster around in the early days? I think he posted a few letters he wrote to his congressmen about mortage refi programs... Anywho, I'll probably buy a few 1000 shares tomorrow to try and play a rebound but I have my doubts about next quarter. Think they can pull a rabit out of the hat?

    • all the other stocks in this leaving here will be put to work in companies with less outstanding shares.

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