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  • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jan 13, 2011 6:58 PM Flag

    $28/share AND Now They are saying a total of 27M Shares

    Given that they originally announced 18-20 million, the fact that they expanded it to 27 million means they've pretty much already sold it.

    And you want the underwriters who bought it not to put it on the market. You want them hanging on for big profits from the div and the price movement.

    No idea what this means for the div. Probably keep it at $1.40 if the terms of their business model haven't changed. And, if they have an excess in cash from this offering, it ought to be a longer interval before they issue shares again.

    Good time to settle in for the long-term, or double up along with the syndicates.

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    • There is just too much optimism here. The issued a poor earnings report. 2.25 gaap versus 1.20+ taxable. If you do the math, they had better pull a rabbit out of the hat because 1.20 x 4x.9 ain't 1.40. This was in effect a profit warning below consensus because the street doesn't estimate gains included in gaap. No one is looking at, so I will stop but this is bizarre.

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      • BLOOMBERG HAD their est at 1.21

        they said they will make more then 1.20 v 1.21est

        they didnt say how much, shady, but more then 1.20 is 1.21 at least versus 1.21 est so in line, and 2.20 over 1.20 gives em 1.00 for 4 quarters of .25 more to pay that 1.40 if they simply make 1.20.

        every quarter they seem not to make core earnings but make it ex-item from somewhere or trading.

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