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  • olee2116 olee2116 Jan 13, 2011 10:59 PM Flag

    Ben I agree with you

    There is way too much optimism with AGNC now.

    My instinct tells me to sell when everyone is cheerful and buy when everyone is pessimistic.

    I knew they would issue an offering before earnings. Management no longer has any skin in the game.

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    • excitinggroundedprofessional excitinggroundedprofessional Jan 19, 2011 1:32 AM Flag

      I am sorry as well again, jeez the design of the message board makes it difficult to have a discussion.

      Sorry to you and Ben.

      Good Luck to you and yoyr trades and please continue to post any possible decent swing trades.


    • I did not see your post below.

      Please accept my apology as well.

    • Does that mean we can agree to disagree? Or do we have to be disagreeable in the process of agreeing? What say you? Agree or disagree?

    • excitinggroundedprofessional excitinggroundedprofessional Jan 18, 2011 8:11 PM Flag

      Thanks for the detailed response.
      Any primate could do the math and see the return from ipo to now in nly is over 500% and agnc has outperformed nly . Agnc is up 161%

      So that's not bad at all .

      Different strokes for diferent folks no need for calling someone a liar and idiot.


    • excitinggroundedprofessional excitinggroundedprofessional Jan 18, 2011 7:53 PM Flag

      I have made over 500 percent in my mreit.
      I simply buy hold and reinvest
      I'm not sure why your pee brain cannot absorb this.

      I apologized you respond with name calling. My challenge stands, either step or stfu

    • In one way or another, my name has gotten dragged along with every single post. I have never said I disagree with anyone who has made money by buying and holding this stock. I have written before that had you purhcased AGNC on 1/4/2010 and held until today, you have something like a 10% unrealised gain from holding the shares plus the dividend. The puts the near term return to over 30%. The comparabe NLY return was about 16% and comparable HTS return was 18%.

      So, I don't at all agree with buy and hold investors.

      This post was supposed to have been about the potential for earnings for Q1 2011 and I had, at one point, misintrepted the confusing the earnings release. So, my only concern about AGNC is the taxable earnings going forward. Beyond that I think it is fine for a buy and hold investor.

      I am not a buy and hold investor, although I keep trying. Now, that I have traded, I simply trade. Whether that produces superior results remains a question for me.

      I would never tell a buy and hold investor that he was going to achieve less result than someone who trades. In fact, the evidence is to the contrary. Most day traders don't do as well, so a community like this one helps increase the chances of success.

      Long may we work together to understand our differing views. The longs and traders can work together.

    • You idiot, check my posts, I've posted my trades.

      I told everyone to buy BAC at 11. It's well over 15 now.

      I told everyone to buy BLK at 163. It's close to 200 now.

      I've bought every offering of AGNC this year and last. And I've sold each time for a nice profit.

      You're the idiot that says you make 500% You're full of it, and you know it.

      Warren Buffet, the best buy and hold investor averages 20% a year since he started. The best hedge fund traders average 20-25% a year.

    • excitinggroundedprofessional excitinggroundedprofessional Jan 18, 2011 2:15 AM Flag

      Sorry Olee, and others.

      My point is not to boast or be a braggard. I was simply pointing out that buying and holding NLY or AGNC and reinvesting over time for the most part has led to BIG gains.

      AGNC would have a 157% return and a 42% annual return rate.

      Pretty darn good.

      It did out return NLY which is where I have gained 540% over 13.27 years

    • Exciting,

      It was probably hyperbole, but if you are talking about AGNC and had been fortunate enough to buy the shares in July of '08 for 13.04/share and held for all of the subsequent 13.00 of dividends that would have changed that 13/share to 42/share today. Congrats...who can argue with a 223% gain or a 323% change in investment value, but that is not 550%.


      SHHHHHHH! We need to keep our well fed buy and hold folks...otherwise they'll all start selling at the top end of our divi runs ;-)

      Be well you two!

    • excitinggroundedprofessional excitinggroundedprofessional Jan 17, 2011 10:43 PM Flag

      Ok rather than respond to your 4th grade bs I issue a challenge. I will buy hold and reinvest for 12 months. You post your trades and if you out perform me I will match your profit in the stock dollar for dollar.

      If you cannot out perform you lose and must match my gains!

      Ill stfu if you can back up that bass mouth of yours

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