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  • therightstuffer therightstuffer Feb 24, 2011 12:42 PM Flag


    They are desperate to do a spo. The managers of the next spo are pumping it today. Mama needs a new mercedes.

    how else does this thing go up when the dow is flirting with going below 12000?

    manipulation my friends! Even with such an upright company as agnc they are manipulating.

    however,market forces may thwart the pump. These managers are really sweating it.

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    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Feb 25, 2011 4:53 PM Flag

      Weren't you guys all laid off as part of the unwinding of Brewster-Jennings?

      You must be _pissed_ at W now that he's been verified as having given the order to out Valerie Plame.

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Feb 25, 2011 4:52 PM Flag

      I'm sure the Libyan people have been looking at the chart, because the chart is why anything happens in the market...

    • Yes of course, a grand conspiracy, well coordinated with the ten other mREITs that also rallied today. cys ivr cmo cim two anh nly mfa rso hts are all in on it, there is no other possible explanation. I just saw a black helicopter hovering over by keyboard so I am heading to the kitchen to make a tinfoil hat now, bye.

    • dderringer311 Feb 24, 2011 6:41 PM Flag

      No reason for the raise? Look at a 2 week chart, its been fluctuating, that happens in the market. The stock is simply recovering from the drop on Feb 14. That dip was unjustified and was just because NLY had an offering and people feared AGNC was next. It would make sense that people sold in fear of an offering and now buying back in to get ready for the announcement. No conspiracy, no manipulation, just the free market system doing its thing. I mean think about it, if you had inside info that an offering was coming, would you buy to help it come quicker (and suffer a loss from when the SPO is announced) or... do the logical thing and short the stock to profit from the drop?
      I do agree with you Ben that this is getting frustrating. I may bail on these forums too, I've never been too active on here but liked to throw in my .02 on occasion. It's just too bad, this forum used to be really great.

    • I mean't there will be no secret offering. I am tired now; 21:42 London time.

    • Oh no, not you Mr. derrilp. Now come now how does this happen. Oh, now I am giving up the board is getting to me. Even the good guys are getting sucked into this notion of manipulation.

      I can see it now. The scene if the Bethesda Marriott, near the metro. Near the Metro is the CEO talking to a man in a mysterous coat. He hands him a note, "BUY". He then buys.

      Did you see the movie trading places? Someone slipped the man with the wrong organge futures report.

      Come on guys! Shake it off. There will be secret offering; there is not secret buying.

      Do you not realise that this is the jump before march 1? You can look at the date going back to quarter after quarter. The chart is looking very nice, formed with steady buying and interest while the stock is still under $29.50. This means that all next week and everyday you guys will be posting this non-sense. This may be it for me. Irrational.

    • It's okay dderringer3, this posting stuff gets tiring. Mr. rightstuff also always rights in caps as if to make a point that wasn't a point. Now, he points to China and of course, if he were discussing a stock in China and traded on those exchanges, I might agree with him. In America, we have this SEC thing that tends to review certain improper trades, granted its not perfect, but Mr. Madoff is behind bars. I also worked for a man whose son happened to tell his college roomate about his father's bond offering. As it turned out, the man's son had to cut a deal with the SEC and FSLIC that he would not work for a bank for a very long time. So, Mr. righstuff thinks our conservative washington DC budies are somehow in cahoots with market manipulation. Anyway, I alwyas find it best to ignore those whose passion runs to the wilder side of trading immaginaton. He could be Mel Gibson in the "Conspiracy Theory", but it would have a horrible ending, as Mr. rightstuff would never be right. We would rate a D and not watch it again, so his posts are having the same impact.

    • I have to agree with you that there is some maniplulation going on here in advance of a new offering in order to get the price up. For one thing,the div is too far away for any buying to be taking place right now. So,I would not place any credence in that explanation. And second,the stock market stinks right now because of Mideast turmoil. AGNC doesn't have anything special going on right now to justify a price increase. No buyout talks or profit releases. Yep,it's manipulation all right in preparation for another offering. Just my opinion.

    • dderringer311 Feb 24, 2011 4:06 PM Flag

      lol ok, I figured, I was reading it and thought at first you were directing it to me. I was simply trying to point out how absurd his comments of pumping are and didn't want some potentially new investors to get scared off, but thanks again Ben, you said it much more eloquently than myself haha

    • Have you ever heard of china? How do they manipulate the price of their currency? Market forces? I don't think so!

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