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  • peabeetwo peabeetwo Apr 27, 2011 1:45 PM Flag

    Fed's did NOT raise rates

    The Feds said interest rates will be held down for an
    "extended" period of time. Nope, not now. Maybe much later.

    Due to technology advances and outsourcing, we have a high
    unemployment rate and a soft economy. The only thing that raising interest rates will do is kill a fragile economy.

    Think what happened to Japan the last twenty years. The same thing is going to happen here.

    Until the Feds raises rates, investments such as AGNC
    will flourish.

    Of course, the threat to dismantle Fannie and Freddie
    is real, but expect deadlock for a few years.

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    • Sounds like something Fidel Castro might have said in Cuba years ago. Here, now is pathetic.

    • Look Randy - I don't care whether you're "crying in your beer" for the rich - or whether you otherwise like, dislike, hate, or otherwise have ANY feelings for the so-called "rich" (usually defined as anyone who makes more money than ME") anymore than I care how you feel about women, minorities, gays, etc. Like I said - the constitution is supposed to protect the rights (including property rights) and freedoms of "INDIVIDUALS" - whether they be rich, poor, sick, white, black, male or female.

      It shouldn't matter whether the majority of voters or those that they elect want to force the so-called "rich" to pay more taxes - anymore than the majority should be able to ask blacks or women to pay more - or to force the so-called "rich" to give more to your favorite charitable cause! Can a majority of the voters force me to contribute $$ for Haiti relief???? or health care for the aged or any # of other things?? Hell yes - they can if the Gov't takes over the operation and then says that they need to fund it with tax dollars and then they ask the electorate who should pay for this latest endeavor? Well the obvious answer is "Not me" take it from that "rich guy" - basically anyone who I think is better able to pay than ME!

      The majority shouldn't be able to vote to tax a minority group any more than that majority ought to be able to impose restrictions on where that minority group can live or dine or go to school or marry, etc. AGAIN - it's all in the CONSTITUTION. Even the 16th Amendment that brought about income tax was ADOPTED as a FLAT TAX; not a graduated tax where the politicians could use to win favor and office from the voters! The founding fathers did NOT INTEND this consequence and would never sanction the way the 16th amendment has been bastardized.

    • Spoken like someone that doesn't know what he's talking about.

      Individual health insurance is a scam. Because those policies are personally underwritten, they will find any way to deny your legitimate claims.

      I know from personal experience. The only answer is nationwide group health insurance available to all citizens, not just employees of large companies/government.

    • WHICH is WHY would should all have HIGH DEDUCTIBLE policies that protect us from catostrophic losses. Medicare and the std health care policies that the gov't encouraged with its mandates and tax policies - encouraged 3rd party insurer payer health insurance for EVERYTHING from the std office visit to the prescriptions, etc. As such - the customer/patient DOESN'T CARE what it really costs - they ONLY CARE about what THERE SHARE is - or what their Monthly Premium is! Look - I'm not going to provide an entire economic theory course on this Bd - but JEEEEEZ it's JUST COMMON SENSE!

    • Come on Reits!

      You know that they wouldn't hire a single person in the U.S.

      The unions have been broken and companies hire cheap labor from foreign countries. The money the rich save in taxes goes to employ people working in terrible condition so U.S. companies can make ridiculous amounts of profit.

      The tech revolution that was supposed to give us full employment? Guess who they employ? Yes, people from India.

    • No need to nitpick numbers. 79%, 81%, 90%, 94.44421134%

    • Gee, you'd think we were in recession last year, wouldn't ya? Personally I think all those unemployed should fend for themselves and search trash dumps for food scraps.

    • Who knows? 17% of all income last year came from gov't subsidy, highest ever.

    • "I'm crying in my beer for the poor abused rich"

      Guess who has the money you spent to buy that beer.........

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