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  • rogerfeldman rogerfeldman Aug 8, 2011 12:53 AM Flag

    Solution to National Debt

    1. The solution is and always has been obvious. Charge every country where we station troops for every penny we spend "defending" them or pull our troops out. Is S.Korea broke? Is Germany Broke? What about Japan, the third largest economy in the world. Hey Iraq should be selling us oil for a $1.00 a barrel until we get our Billions back, with interest. Afghanistan has lots of poppies don't they. (I hear they make good use of the seeds on bread-crust).
    2. Tell the Chinese to devalue their currency or we will put a tarriff on their goods for shall we say, 20%?
    Or.., let's really push the reset button on the Chinese and actually default on our bonds they hold. What are they going to do? Hell we could make a deal, we'll trade Taiwan for what we owe them. They will take over the island one day anyway, so we might as well get something for it and no war in the bargan... so we save gazillions of dollars and no lives lost. If that upsets you, lets tell the Taiwanese that we will not defend them, unless they become the 51st state. I could go on and on but you get my drift...

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