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  • olee2116 olee2116 Aug 8, 2011 4:47 PM Flag

    What will restore market confidence?

    QE3? Choose the lesser of the two evils. Inflation over depression.

    That's a short term solution.

    Long term?

    We must bring jobs back to the U.S.A. No more outsourcing our best jobs to China and India. Bring back manufacturing and tech jobs.

    Housing is the backbone of the job market. And without banks, no one is going to buy a house.


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    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Aug 9, 2011 12:03 PM Flag

      Raise taxes on the rich.

      Beat the Tea Party like a cockroach in every election they attempt to buy.

    • Right as rain. :-)

    • 'Bring Back'?

      But how?

      Force private companies to do it by legislation?

      Raise import taxes?

      Any others?

      But how?

      I am still puzzled. Please illuminate me.

    • November, 2012!

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      • Could achieve it before that:
        1. Obama and the entire cabinet resign immediately.
        2. Congress adjourns until after December 2012, wihtout pay and fringes.
        3. But first, Congress eliminates payment of "entitlements" to all illegal immigrants. Then Congress turns on massive computer servers to collect votes of the People as issues arise. Cut spending? Ask the People. Raise taxes? Ask the People. Balance the budget? Ask the People. Vote via the Internet and cell phone; one vote per SSN of registered voters.
        4. Jack Welch, former chairman of GE, and Lee Iacoca, former chairman at Chrysler, take turns signing bills passed by the People (somebody has to sign them into law); they turn out the lights at the White House.

        $Billions, maybe $Trillions, saved by these steps. Confidence restored in the USA and Democracy at work.

      • "November, 2012! "

        I would really like to give that one a better rating.But they will only let me rate it with a 5 star rating once.

    • The U.S. must cut back on entitlement programs (social security and medicare not being one them...since they are part of a trust) and foreign aid to countries where we cannot put a finger on any form of return on the investment we are making in the form of foreign aid.

    • Are you SERIOUS with the 'housing is the backbone of the job mkt' comment?

      You've got it totally backwards; the job mkt is the backbone of the housing mkt. Without jobs - steady jobs - there is no reason to invest in a house.

      No civilization or nation became pre-eminent because they had a lot of fancy houses; they ended up with a lot of wealth and fancy houses because of the wealth that was created doing other things that really matter.

      At some point you have to realize that your socialist ideas are what is at the root cause of the jobs problem and the deficit. 10% of the taxpayers can't be responsible for taking care of EVERYONE and even they are only paying for 50% of the budget .... the rest is BORROWED ... and NOT on an amortized basis like a mtg. JEEEZ

      The solution: BIG BIG ANNOUNCEMENT re: a freeze on all Federal spending at 2010 levels - no cost of living adjustments for social security or federal worker pay etc for 2011. Changing that baseline alone sames billions over the next 10 yrs.

      Adoption/implementation of an energy policy that promotes/supports the exploitation/ utilization of domestic energy resources and all of the jobs that will create and the energy price stability and allow us to get out of the middle east.

      My hope is that Congress and the Pres can announce that they are working to come to an EARLY agreement on the deficit problem along the lines of Simpson-Bowles, Ryan, or the 'gang of 6' with phased-in entitlement reform, tax reform with lower flatter rates with reduced deductions etc. COMBINED with the administrations/congress getting behind a pro growth energy policy leading to development/ use of the USA's non-conventional energy resources which will stablize energy prices, help with energy independence, increase tax revenue and JOBS, combined with a phased in increase in the gas/diesel taxes to fund needed infrastructure work - that is funded by actual tax revenue and not DEBT.

      Its NOT REALLY THAT HARD ... . For good or ill ... this CRISIS is perhaps providing the POLITICAL COVER required to cut/limit the increase in entitlements and the adoption of pro-business/ pro-growth policies.

      We have to STOP DEMONIZING business and the rich and the productive members of society. When the oxygen masks come down in the airplane they instruct the ADULTS to put their masks on 1st so they can then help the kids and the elderly. If the adults die ... everyone dies.

    • A period of selling on highs, so that all of those that need out and get out.

      They also need to change the high frequency trading, but fortunately, we are not in the type of shares that would be so attractive to that type of trading.

      A good solid challenge of S&P by the US government.

      We have one thing that many other stocks don't have. A very high dividend, that just got higher.

      So, this dividend will be occuring in a market where all hell is breaking lose. Don't lose confidence yourself in the dividend run in September.

      This stock is cable of moving up from here, a nice move to at least $29.00 or higher.

      However, before then, be ready for a wild ride. I am only trading LINE and AGNC. I only want to be in names with the dividends, and set your breakeven as low as possible by buying at the lower prices.

      Tomorrow will be a different day.

    • To answer your thread title.

      Market confidence will restore itself when they realise how oversold they are taking things. ;)

    • ...yeah, we're getting off to a good start, Boeing is building their new 787 Dreamliner in (guess where) CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many jobs is that taking away from us???????????????? Way to go Boeing, thanks so much for helping our America economy. I would gladly pay $100 more for a ticket than put 5,000 workers out of a job! Something is very wrong with this picture!

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