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  • okiedivot okiedivot Sep 19, 2011 12:58 PM Flag

    Thank You Mr. President?

    "success without the work" does not describe any of the thriving business owners I know or have ever met. It does describe hundreds of cubicle dwelling GS and GM drones I've had to deal with over the decades. There is a huge difference between the trust-fund idiots and the 70 hour a week business owners who had the audacity to get to seven figures.

    Just lump them all together. Great plan.

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    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Sep 19, 2011 1:32 PM Flag

      None of them have been creating jobs in this country in the past decade. Anyone spending 70 hours a week on their company (and that's a myth, too; they inflate their effort massively when it comes time to whine about taxes) getting to 7 figures is doing it by cutting wages 80% and they're doing that by outsourcing the work and lobbying to bust unions.

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      • YBF, I'm not going to try to disabuse you of your beliefs because I don't want to argue, and I think it would be pointless to try anyway. Let's just agree to disagree agreeably on this issue and leave each to their own beliefs in peace.

        And, I realize that for every example of one aspect someone can always find and point out an equally compelling counter, but I will say this much, there are entrepreneurs who spend 70 or more hours a week to build a successful business from the ground up, and in the process, as the business becomes more profitable, they bring on employees to help the company grow, and if all things work as planned, some even become millionares in the process.

        For the most part, those that do lift up others along with themselves in the process. The well being of their employees being essential to working together to achieve the goal.

        Having been there, and done that 3 times already - and on my 4th time now - I can tell you that on my latest project I worked from about 4 a.m. till afternoon 7 days a week with no break - not one- for an entire year until I sold that company as well. Other than the silly children of millionares that I met in school I don't know how else to start from scratch and create a successful business without total commitment and tons of time and sacrifice.

        A rising tide really does lift all boats. But I don't expect or demand that you believe that... (but it really does).

      • That must depend on the people you associate with. I know these business owners very well, I see them dragging in late at night and meet their new employees at Chamber events. They don't whine about the small stuff, but are tired of hearing about how these new millionaires are screwing up the country. They don't outsource, they give to churches, United Way and every little league kid who comes to the door. Bitterness among those who have losses since 2008 is understandable, but try to focus your anger on the correct group. And it sure the hell isn't the rural business owners I see everyday. Newly minted millionaires -yes, tea party members-really? In a state where the number of registered Democrats exceeds Republicans - not likely.

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