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  • dianak8 dianak8 Oct 9, 2011 7:41 PM Flag

    OT more thoughts

    Having read most of the other posters' opinions, I can't help but put forth a few random thoughts of my own.
    There is a huge discrepancy in the compensation of various forms of work. Some can work their butts off and barely make a living wage while others work in relative comfort with little effort extended and reap large rewards. The chasm is too great. Corporate America views labor as a line item expense to be kept at the minimum and so as CEOs and other top execs are over compensated, the average employee has seen little if any increase in pay over many years now. These are not lazy, unemployed or just plain unemployed. Remember that even slaves had food, clothing and shelter, so if you are working and can only afford these basics of survival you are no better off than a slave IN AMERICA. Most ofrthose cuurently looking for work have lost their jobs due to this terrible recession and have lost their homes as well. If you are so lucky to have escaped this fate you might think that but for the grace of God, go you. There is no defensible reason for the well off to turn their backs on their brethren, like it or not we are all the children of God. Those with the Rush Limbaugh mentality must live in their own hell on earth as the hate that he and his ilk spew can not generate any good in our society. As my grandmother used to say, it takes all kinds. We are all in this together. The rich and the poor have always been with us, it's true. An enlightened society, however always cares for its own. GLTA

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    • Look this country does more for the poor than most. Is it perfect absolutrly not. The Bush and Obama administrations will both go down as economic failures while the Reagan and Clinton administrations will go down as economical success standards. Reagan cleaned it up and set a mechanism in place to grow the economy and make the world safer. Clinton leveraged that into continued prospeity and growth. We need a President to clean it up and 8 years later one to leverage the accomplishments and growth. Obama is not the man for the job.We need one not too left and not too right. I would suggest Romney fits that bill. We need to educate our people better in the trades and services. College graduates are only 4% unemployed. How many nurses, plumbers, Heating and Air techs etc are unemployed ? Set up apprenticeships again and cut corporate taxex for all companies who hire 3% net new jobs. Try cains 9-9-9 plan.

      It is time for real change. Not a glorified Piven and Cloward break the countries back plan. Why do you see very few Viet Nameses, Koreans and Chinese immigrants on social programs ? Obama is right the democrats have made people soft by keeping them on the reservation.

    • Thank you for your thoughts! It's refreshing to know that despite all the NOISE there are some people with a heart and general concern for the future of the less fortunate!

      As far as Rush Limbaugh giving to charity - LMFAO! I don't think you will see any money given to help educate inner city children with poor, illiterate parents!

      It's truly sad how people with a lottery ticket at birth can be so judgemental!

    • Reuters-US Congress poised to approve Bush-era trade deals

      The U.S. Congress was poised on Wednesday to approve long-delayed trade pacts with South Korea, Colombia and Panama that are expected to create U.S. jobs by boosting exports by about $13 billion a year.
      The House of Representatives and Senate are expected to back the deals in a series of votes later on Wednesday.
      Supporters hope the action marks an end to a long U.S. drought on deals to open trade. Each pact had been stuck at the White House for at least four years.
      "We will send a strong signal to the world that America is back on the trade field," said Representative Kevin Brady, a Texas Republican, at a rally with business groups.
      U.S. farm and manufactured goods exports are expected to rise under all three agreements as tariffs are phased out. The agreements also open new markets for U.S. companies in service sectors such as banking, insurance and express delivery.
      Critics say the pacts will harm U.S. employment, but the Obama administration and other proponents think the pacts will support tens of thousands jobs.

      Funny how opinions change.

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      • This gooofy trade deal is like eating the yellow snow. What a joke. To let the President of South Korea talk for 10 minutes with his BS. Then Bamma to say this will mean more Chryslers, Chevys and Fords going to South Korea, LOL. For 25 years South Korea has loved Free Trade---as long as it is all outgoing---and no incoming. If a S. Korean buys an America made automobile---he or she immediately gets a tax audit. Now theirs an incentive. Our Washington a-holes have turned Uncle Sam into Uncle Sucker. Like a V.P. of Ford said 20 years ago---stop wresting with Japan over them buying rice---tell them to buy whatever they want---but even out the trade balance. No---that might involve common sense.

    • Thanks for that further clarification.

    • Diana K,

      Rush Limbaugh is one of the most charitable men alive. Every year Rush donates millions to various causes.

      Rush does not believe it is the job of the government to take from one man and give to another. Do you?

    • Life would be really dull if we all agreed with each other on everything wouldn't it? I think differing opinions give us the opportunity to see issues a bit more clearly when we take other perspectives into consideration and then try to find the best solutions under the circumstances. "In other words, our problem as a country is not the support we give to the poor." I basically agree with you on that - we have far more problems these days than that.

    • I've never charged users for any services offered through my sites ephort. I've always monetized them through offering accredited online or campus based educational opportunities, continuing education programs for professionals (mandatory to maintain licensure), and textbooks via amazon.

      Users who are interested in a particular school fill out a brief form to request additional information directly from the school and the school pays a fee per qualified inquiry. It's like college recruitment except it's up to the school advisers to speak with the student directly - all I do is provide the student with the ability to know what opportunities various schools offer and the means to get in touch with the school for more info.

    • I know it sounds extremely trivial and at points childish. But, what do you think can create a better "even playing field" than a democraticly elected government, by people and for people, and an enforceable and efficient tax code (with minimal or no loopholes) that would fairly balance the contributions of different members of the society. The government has no business in penalizing those who abide by the laws of the land but are more successful (be it through hard work, ingenuity, enterpenuership, investing, leadership of successful corporations, or even luck or what have you). If a CEO or COO, or CAO, or any alphabet soup makes a fortune, it is because he deserves it. That's what the market pays for that talent/skill. This is the nature of free and capitalist society. Of course the crooks belong to jails but they don't make the norm. I truly and sincerely believe my CEO deserves every penny he is rewarded because he has a god given talent (or learned skill) to lead and make right decisions to keep thousands employed and off government handout. I don't mean to be insensitive towards the unfortunates who have lost their jobs or have hard time finding employment but it is unfair to blaim their misfortune on those who have succeeded.

    • Ray, you sound about as creepy as your avatar (and that's CREEPY!)

    • Politically, we mostly disagree though. I am somewhere mid-way between you and YBF. I am not a great fan of estate taxes (except for very large estates) but I believe that many folks here are overstating the amount of money our country spends on the poor. (By my computation, that's only 2% - 4% of incomes of $60K - $400K).

      It's true that welfare corrupts -- but during the Clinton years it was drastically restricted and made conditional on looking for work. Yes, some of the poor are gaming the system -- but most of those who receive assistance are too young, too old, or too disabled to work. And I think that the system is gamed to a much larger degree, and for much more $, by some of the super-wealthy. In other words, our problem as a country is not the support we give to the poor. (JMO).

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