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  • faaqcee faaqcee Oct 26, 2011 1:57 PM Flag

    On call now...SPO not a topic

    Tomorrow,10/27/2011, is the dividend pay date. If shareholders opted for a "DRIP" does that create "new" share and hence more money in the coffers for AGNC to invest? Is there somewhere for one to see how many shares are DRIPed "in toto"? Those shares would be added to the amount of outstanding shares of AGNC, would they not? AGNC would then be wise to wait until just after the pay date to have a spo in order to keep the pps slightly higher until after tomorrow. The DRIPers would recieve less shares at a higher price, avoiding the possible affects of a slight dilution if you will. Does anyone who collects dividends from AGNC out there do DRIP and how has it been working for you? Some stocks I own have a second run-up per quarter leading to the pay date in anticipation of the automatic buying on that date. So, imo, an optimal time for a spo would be immediately after the payout, at a peak in pps.

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