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  • lependule lependule Apr 6, 2012 5:31 PM Flag

    In May , sell away

    I am sure that the market is going to go down after this monster rally, sometimes in the next few weeks.
    The question is , Will the AGNC, ARR and similar companies will go south too?
    I noticed in the past a (contrarian) tendency to do the opposite.?

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    • I don't think so. Aside from the 20 minute flash crash, AGNC held up very well last summer.

      Now if we had a sustainable recovery, I would be more worried and sell all my MREIT holdings. Why? Short term rates go up in a long term recovery and sometimes exceeds the long term rates (inversion)

    • The administration has way too much at stake to see things go badly this summer. We will see QE3 way B4 any serious correction.

      Wouldn't you do the same? Why allow the scorecard(market) to look badly before an election, if it is within your power to alter the score beforehand?

      Once the final four years are in hand, with no possibility of defeat in the future(no re-election worries regardless of your actions), then look out...just MHO...


    • Well, I can only tell you how I am going to play it. Out just before the ex date and this time I won't buy into a SPO. Rather wait the market out and maybe get in about a month or so before the next ex date. I will do same with MTGE, as I like you feel more risk to holding stocks this summer than the upside benefits. Market doe's look tired and if we get a good correction of 10%-15% it will take the merts with it. Maybe percentage wise not as much but for numbers I am playing be world of hurt with a 10% drop.

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