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  • crazywhisker crazywhisker May 17, 2012 2:54 PM Flag

    AGNC headed for bankruptcy?

    Since you mentioned politics. Republicans choose to defend freedom while Dem's choose to dissolve it.

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    • First the good news. AGNC is most certainly NOT going BK but will remain a cash cow for a while longer.

      Now for the bad news. I see that politics enters and with it comes name calling.

      Gentlemen if you want to have a political debate which I am all for is it possible to do so as grown men instead of name calling, finger pointing children?

      Point & counter point

      GW BUSH wars did they make the world a place of more of less freedom as the Republican poster claims. If they did please state how this was so. Please state the cost effectiveness of the wars when considering just the money cost to the USA debt. Then look at the loss of over 5,000 lost the eco damage that does to the families of those lost and the over 35,000 disabled and those cost. Was the "freedom" won (if you say we won in Iraq and still fighting in Afghanland is a win) worth the cost?

      Does a defense budget of over 20% of the yearly budget of the USA make us safe from terrorist attacks? Has to be spent to keep us the strongest nation in the world, keep employment in the defense contracting business high, make tons of money for Defense industry commpanies?
      All valid question that adults can debate not interesting in children name calling which all that usually happens.

      Does the fact that China spends 3% on defense to our 20% make you feel safer from China or is Globalism and the attack and victory of China destroying our manufacturing base and taking millions of good paying jobs away from us as US Corp's move to Asia for cheap labor threaten the future of the USA more than any Chinese aircraft carrier (of which they do not have even one) Are we afraid of Russia who spends 3 cents on defense for every dollar we spend?
      If the old USSR never once attacked us and surely we can agree that the current Russia is not the threat the the old USSR was then what is it about the weakened and more capitalist Russia that scares us so much?

      Have we learned anything from Viet Nam about being able to defeat an enemy militery forces but unable to occupy a country where you are not wanted? See Iraq and Afghanland to see NO we have not learned a thing.

      Now let the name calling begain or by some hope some actual adult debate or lets just go back to watching the whole market continue to go down?

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      • Roger - Congratulations on the best post of the day if talking politics. I am a Vietnam Vet who no longer votes; just have no faith in the system.

        I find it curious that when people from the right or left talk about Iraq and Afghanistan the number of losses of American lives seems to be all we care about. What of the tens of thousands of innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan???

        Since neocons and other armchair generals have never seen the look in a mans eyes seconds before you blow his brains out you will never understand.

        Now, I am an old man and still suffer at night when I think of the "look" in the other mans eyes....

    • What freedom were they defendig, from camel jockeys?

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      • If you are talking about the camel jockeys who wiped out a major portion of lower Manhattan, have tried to blow up 3 US bound air planes since, tried to bomb several bridges, subways and other locations in the US in the past few years. The Camel jockeys that did blow up buses, subways and trains in a number of cities in Europe and all sorts of other atrocities around the world -Hummmm maybe.

    • I like how Obama pays for freedom.. It probably took him a hundred million to set the people of Lybia free from its dictator, and no cost of american lives..

      Give the Republicans the check book and the soldiers, we might have had another 10 year ordeal, and making our childrens children ad infinitum heirs to the debt and scarred by the horrors of war.

    • Bush kept the Afganistan war minimal, chased out the terrorists and then killed them by the thousands in Iraq. Iraq HAD to be finised. It's easy to forget that Saddam invaded kuwait and was poised to take Saudi Arabia when we kicked his butt back into Iran. Everybody said just stop there and the people will rise up and finish the job. Well, they couldn't and didn't. the choice then was finish the job and him or leave after a ten year "no fly zone and wait" strategy that didn't work. Well, he DID have nuclear ambitions. We removed 1.2 million pounds of yellowcake Uranium from Iraq after taking it. When WE were still there they had the only arab democracy in the middle east. OBAMA ran on "Desert Iraq and make Afganistan the bigger war." DUH.

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