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  • jforuus jforuus May 22, 2012 1:50 PM Flag

    AGNC can't think out of the box destined for slaughter with the herd

    you make such little noise and confuse, you must be a lawyer.

    let me break it down for you....

    mortage backed securites are based on..

    a. horses
    b. toads.
    c. homes - real estate
    d. all of the above

    your mortage backed securites are from what nation?

    what nations $$ has lost 80% of its value from 1970?

    what nation has been doubling and quadrupling its paper currencty circulation leading to obnoxious heights of inflation in the near future.

    why don't you google the 7 largest real estate mogus.

    What nation doesn't even take the u.s. dollar anymore and asked for raw metals in the cash for clunkers it did as a barter?

    what nation doesn't import rice to what nation anymore because they don't want that nations currency anymore?

    the signs are all there, trickling to eventually to be a tsunami, stay at the beach and be awed be a receding shoreline or run!!

    they are all your best friends on this board and wouldn't do you any harm out of ignorance or an agenda.

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    • as for character you JEST!

      in a buisness that is based upon imaginary numbers and taking money an industry that has single handedly brought down a nation which is too proud to recognize its falling.

      i find it laughable you make such a statement.

      you stand in filth of such crimes against the citizens of america yet question and comment about character.

      what background do you posses that allows you to deem yourself as a master of the economy?

      where do you do your h.w. to find the macro trends at a global level and micro level in various sectors?

      do you know how to write the equation of a mortage backed security? and solve for the various variables that are intricate to it?

      i seriously question this message boards ability to decipher the truth and what they want to see?

      Why don't you tell us about the housing bubble, the credit bubble, the personal debt bubble and the other 3 I didn't mention and the downard pressure they are all placing upon each other still to destroy whatever is left of this econonmy.

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      • you didn't even listen the last cc when they announced the distribution cut resulting from $1.40 to $1.15...but I don't know what I am talking about and confusing.

        Call in on the next CC and ask these fine men such questions and be matter of fact about it.. I will applaud you!!

        Men like you think that you can raise home prices by 150 percent over 10 years and increase personal income by 2% per year and think its not a bubble.

        Men like you must be good with their hands and not their minds and I applaud you for fixing my car, don't come into the water with these sharks is my advice to you.

        Most of the level III boys are about to get another dose of their medicine and don't even know it.

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